Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Rumrunner, Jul 10, 2006.

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  1. SKY+

    I have had the original/normal Sky digital box for almost seven years. Mega problems now. Looking at the SKY site I see that the only (the next step) box is Sky+.

    My question is this:-

    Looking at the SKY Upgrade site it will cost me £159 to upgrade. If I was a new subscriber to SKY, I would get instillation and the box (Sky+) for almost nothing. Has anyone, managed to better this price through negotiation with Sky for an upgrade?

    Any help appreciated.

    Sorry if this is the wrong board.
  2. £159!!! Feckin hell, on top of that you have to pay another £10 a month!!! I would rip the b4stard out and get a free install! Mind you it is worth it!

  3. Easy just cancel your contract then after 30 days take out a new on with sky +.
  4. I would imagine that if you were to call up to cancel citing reasons of equipment failure a fantastic offer will be made to you to upgrade - its always been Skys policy in the past.
  5. This really is an infuriating service. Bearing in mind, they do have a monopoly, their customer service is next to rubbish! I have been ringing now (over two days) for several hours. Neither the upgrade/cancellation centre will actually answer a call. You are placed on hold, listening to crap music. Bloody frustrating! :(
  6. I Spent too many painful years working there (three), would make great preparation for SAS selection ( obviously not the tabbing bit!). :(
  7. Think the call centre is out sourced to a company called Garlands which happens to be in Middlesbrough.
  8. I have now threatened them with, the Ombudsman, the National Press and local TV………. Nada. Perhaps I should mention the power of ARRSE………………
  9. Lol. We were having trouble with our sky box and they fobbed us off saying our warranty had ran out etc so we had to buy a new one. Sod that I thought so the next day I rang and said I had lost my job and would have to completely shut it off. They then arranged for us to have a new box AND reduced our payments from £42.50 a month to £25 per month for 3 months! Bonus!
  10. I have to say stabandswat you must have been very lucky. Just can't get anyone to speak to us!!!!
  11. I can't recall having any issues getting through to them. Just go through to the main switchboard and ask to be put through to cancellations then you will have someone trying to convince you to stay with them!
  12. Stabandswat, this is driving me and Mrs RR to drink. Well, a little more than normal………lol. I’m upstairs and I can hear the shouting from here!
  13. rumrunner have you tried emailing them, you might find they will contact you if you advise them of your frustrations in trying to get through to the call centre.
  14. Many thanks risingtrout. We have now called it a night (2215). I will not let this go, who knows, it may be of help to some other poor ARRSER?

    Watch this space.............. :wink: