Discussion in 'Seniors' started by DIRT_MONKEY, Mar 11, 2009.

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  1. Does anyone know if SKY can send HD + boxses over to Germany? I know that they are on sale at SSVC (€249) however i don't want to get dry B*MF**KED when they only cost £49 in the uk.

    Anyone know a bloke who knows a bloke etc

  2. The boxes are £49 when you take the HD Pack and stay with Sky TV for another year. The HD Pack costs £9.75 extra a month. There is a delay in Sky delivering the boxes as present stock goes to new subscribers. So I hope that anyone that knows a bloke that knows a bloke will extend your contract and also subscribe to the HD package on your behalf! :D
  3. Sky do not have a licence to transmit outside the UK.

    Therefore to register as a subscriber you must have a UK address. If you want a £49.00 box then you must also sign up to a 1 year contract and have a phone line. If you buy the box dish etc separately and just subscribe to a card (with UK address) you don't need a phone line.

    Just make sure you're dish is large enough.

    Happy viewing.
  4. I always understood that you could not get sky in germany as the germans have there own pay-per-view tv and you had use that if you wanted something other than the normal terestrial tv channels.

    I upgraded to sky+ 2 weeks by getting the box from e-bay and the wife used our german house phone to ring sky to get them to match the card to the box. All seemed to be going well for her and the woman at the other end of the phone seemed unconcerned that we were in germany then i got home and told her to hang up as they would cut us off.

    I then went to Promarkt this evening (a large electrical shop like comet or currys) and here is a big sign for sky tv from 17 euros a month, obviously the programs will be in german but i got me thinking that maybe now sky do have the rights to broadcast in germany.

    I know that this will not help with trying to get a HD box for the £50 price advertised on sky however it may be a sign that soon we might be able to get sky in germany properly and be able to contact them direct.
  5. I always did, never had any problems.
  6. Sky is is only allowed to Broadcast in UK , however the Footprint from the two satelites aimed at europe as follows show how big the dish must be to "get other signals" from different broadcasters :)

    Astra 2 - North Beam

    Astra 2 - South Beam
  7. Sky blast their transmission onto a footprint, the footprints vary depending on the satellite its coming from. I am fairly certain the sky boffins have yet to create the feindishly clever British Isles shaped footprint.

    If you are after sky subscription content then you will have to subscribe, if you are happy with freesat and want HD investigate freesat HD
  8. This is due to PREMIER going bust and SKY taking over the contract. The programmes are mostly in German but for films and sports you are given an option on the remote to change the language to English, there are a couple of other channels that are also in English. I also receive BBC & ITV along with Channel 4 & 5 via the normal German sat at nil cost.