Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by TheBigUn, Feb 25, 2009.

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  1. TBU

    I got a HDMI splitter so I have HD TV and then press a button on the splitter and it is the PS3. HD TV rocks, especially the sport. Recording programmes, pausing to get a beer etc are well worth it.

    Only warning was the HDMI splitter thingy from Dixons (IIRC) was the best part of 50 notes, but is much easier than trying to change cable!!!! (and less likely to damage).
  2. Thanks o-f-o :D

    I have currently got Sky+ How many HD channels are available now? I have noticed a fair few when flicking through the TV channels. Do all the HD channels appear separately or do you have to trawl through the standard menu to select them?
  3. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT

    HD channels are available under their own menu group. I believe there's about 25ish now.
  4. I ordered HD last week only to be told that it was a pre-order and I can order it for real in 6-8 weeks.
  5. We got told the same, though in reality it was 2 weeks when the box came rather than 6-8.
  6. Thanks, A mate works for sky and told me it would probably be sooner.
    He also said they needed to recall 80,000 HD boxes so that was one of the reasons for the wait
  7. Always check online when buying electronics, especially from the likes of Dixons. Heres a 3 port HDMI splitter with remote for £21. Also as ive found out to my cost, a £5 HDMI cables does the same job as a £30 one. Which magazine done a test where they sat a bunch of TV and Audio spotters down to test this and they couldnt spot a difference, a digital signal does not need fancy cables in home scenarios.
  8. I have recently upgraded to HD. However, I was not willing to wait the quoted 3 months for a box and bought one from Ebay (£146) As opposed to £49 from Sky. I duly signed up to HD and eveything works fine. However, I was then contacted by Sky who told me my Sky box was available after a wait of 2 weeks not 3 months!

    Too late, I had already bought one off Ebay. I then contacted them and asked for the £49 box as I had signed up for the promotion. No way Jose. As far as they were concerned I had signed up, and was not entitled to the promotional box. After speaking to 5 different depts I gave they intended of course.

    Moral of the story? Don't be impatient like I was. The 3 month lead time is just arrse covering on their part, in reality you will get your box relatively quickly. DOH!!!!
  9. I'd be cautious about sweeping statements implying that a £5 HDMI cable is as good as a £30 one: it all depends what you're using it for. I found that for a full 1080p connection (Blu-Ray player to a full 1080p TV), I had to buy a very expensive cable before everything worked correctly and I got the genuine Blu-Ray high definition experience. Cheaper cables simply wouldn't hack it.

    It's true that the signals are digital but at the kind of bandwidths we're talking about cable quality, connector quality and cable length all matter a great deal.

    Broadly speaking, the lower the resolution, colour depth and refresh rate, the cheaper the cable you can get away with. If you get the chance to check with someone else who has the same kit as you, and find out what worked for them, it may save you some pain and money wasted.

    Having said all of which — if there are any honest to god experts out there who can shed more light on this, I'd be interested to learn more.
  10. Just got Sky+HD installed on Monday. Some good HD channels especially if you like documentaries. I didn't get the sport on movies ones as I'm not bothered about them but if you are then I'd say go for it.
  11. Do you receive a download of Anytime HD programmes are they the same ones/selection as on Sky+?
  12. Another question, sorry if it appears that I am being a techno-mong, I’m just trying to suss it all out before I commit to getting Sky HD.

    My set up would be TV with 1 x HDMI input socket, PS3 with HDMI output and Sky HD box with HDMI output.

    I would need a HDMI splitter cable (£21-£50ish) which would plug into the back of the TV and then a further 2 HDMI cables, one from the Sky box and another one from the PS3 into the splitter box.

    I’m assuming that I don’t require any Scart leads at all, just the two HDMI leads one from each box as above. Is this correct?

    Thanks to all or the info. :D
  13. if you want to see how good HD really is, if you goto the sky arts page in HD i think its 284 dont quote me, and look for a programme called "Aquariavision" usually the last programme of the night approx 0230am record this in HD then watch it, it is truly outstanding and if you want keep it and use it to impress all your non HD friends.
  14. It's definitely worth it now but i'd invest in a decent telly first.

    Btw Pioneer have recently announced that they're pulling out of the tv business which is a damned shame as their KUROS plasmas are the best around.

    Grab one while you can!!!