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Sky HD - problem with the TV

Thought this would be better in here rather than computer problems, so here goes:

Got my Sky HD box the other day which is replacing the Sky+. Self fitted it and it's very simple to do. Plugged it all in as per instructions with the HDMI cable only to find that i can hear the sound but no picture. I tried swapping the cables, giving them a wiggle, swearing and all normal remedial actions. Still no change. Then I swapped the tv downstairs for the one from upstairs. Works perfectly now............ :?

Both TVs are 32" Sony Bravia LCD's. Both HD ready etc. The original one from downstairs is probably a slightly higher spec but they are pretty much comparable. When i sitched on the sky HD box via the original TV, the screen had a 1080i symbol flash up along with the sound.

As I said earlier, I've swapped the TVs so I have achieved my own mission of having HD tv :D , merely wondering why 1 tv won't work! Any ideas why there is no picture?? :?
First thing to do would be to run the box to the tv via a scart lead. Does it pick it up then?

IIRC Sky + HD doesn't output at 1080p, it's either 720 or 1080i (selectable). Obvously you won't get HD via the scart but it's just to see if the machine can see the box. Once you have it on scart try adusting the output of the box to something like 720, then run the HDMI cable to it again and see what happens. Do you only have the one HDMI socket on the TV? Have you tried another?
Only 1 HDMI socket on the TV. Didn't try the scart lead TBH, just the HDMI cable. The other tv automatically picked it up at 1080i, I'm just surprised this one didn't.

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