Sky has Axed Fox News

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by headgear, Aug 29, 2017.

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  2. meerkatz

    meerkatz On ROPs

    SKY News - News for snowflakes.
    Kay Burleigh and Sarah Jane Mee emoting and oscar winning sad faces.
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  3. You can watch live on the website even in the UK.

    EDIT its on a "preview" so use the delete cookie trick.
  4. Why, did they upset some Hillary voters??
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  5. Has CNN also been removed?
  6. Well, not too surprising. The Donald has cut a swathe through Fox...
    • Megyn Kelly: gone
    • Bill O'Reilly: gone
    • Greta van Susteren: gone
    • Gretchen Carlson: gone
    • Roger Ailes: gone and had his interview (without coffee) with the Reaper
    • John Stossel: retired
    • Andrew "the Judge" Napolitano: sidelined. And his weird hair too!
    • Greg Gutfeld. Not gone but on some stupid daytime shiite. Give me Red Eye or give me something else!
    Basically what is left is Shepard Smith and Tucker "Bow-Tie Boy" Carlson. Now, I like Shep as much as the next guy, and I can smell what the Tuck is cooking, but...

    ...there's no real reason to watch them any more. They've got no steak in their steak and kidney pie. No fish in their fishcake. No meat in their two veg.

    So, adieu, Fox News. Don't let the door hit you in the arrse on your way out.
    Last edited: Sep 2, 2017
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  7. Oh dear, how sad, never mind.

    Not surprised this has happened, given that there seems to be a broad consensus in this country - irrespective of political affiliation - that the 45th President of the United States is a gaping a***hole. So Sky drops the channel in the UK because very few Britons want to watch this. They prefer Game Of Thrones and The X Factor to virtual fellatio performed on The Donald by misfits like Sean Hannity. Funny that.

    As for Fox, its output is derisory, not because it is conservative, but because it is an insult to common sense. This is after all the channel of Geraldo Rivera, the pillock whose stint as a war correspondent during the 2003 Iraq War ended rather abruptly when (whilst embedded with the 101st) he sketched V Corps' movements towards Baghdad in the sand on a live feed.

    Although as P. J. O'Rourke noted, if the Iraqis had been monitoring Fox, they would have probably responded to Rivera's security breach and topographical illiteracy by shelling Damascus.

    So there it is. We've got enough crap on TV without having to import any, thank you very much.
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  8. Wish they would do that for BBC World.
    A lot of "Look how culturally diverse and tolerant we are, but before we sign off, here is a snippet or two of news."
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  9. So you're getting your news from only one perspective now? BBC long ago lost its integrity, MSNBC is merely an ultra left wing fake news rant... as is CNN who were recently censured for putting out fake news... I suppose there's always Al Jazeera... or the Guardian's live feed!
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  10. For many years, CNN has been known as Conjecture Not News.
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  11. If I wanted 'only one perspective' I'd be watching Fox.

    Many thanks for your example of unintentional irony. I'm much obliged.
  12. MSNBC makes Radio Moscow look like a level-headed news organisation of strict impartiality.
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  13. I used to watch snippets of Fox News and laugh at the hysteria and ignorance the presenters spouted.

    The worst to watch was Judge Jeanie Pirro. She was happy throwing round statements similar to 'Immigrants are here to murder you and take your money.'

    I hope she's the next to be axed.
  14. The first mistake is to watch the news.
    24-hour news channels have turned the whole idea into reality tv.
    Read it. Then read a different report. Then investigate any inconsistencies.
    Stay away from commentary, which is journalistic wanking.

    As for Fox News, the word "news" has the same meaning regarding that channel as the word "democratic" does regarding all countries that use the word in their official names.
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