Sky Dive 9th March


I am doing a sky dive on 9th March with The Red Devils and was wondering if any of you would like to donate towards my sponsorship target? I am in two minds about putting this up after the fuss some caused the last time I publicly posted on here but would like to think that we are all working towards the same goal.

I have joined a group of girlies who are going to be raising funds for the military and the sky dive is just one of the things on the list for 2011.

if you want any further information just ask or click the following link

Jodie Gasson Skydive

No matter what the outcome I will continue to support Holidays4Heroes where I can

Honour our Wounded and my sky dive got a mention next to my photo in yesterdays Daily Star, still a long way to go to make my target though so if any of you would like to donate that would be great.

Still a bit more to raise have over £300 now including the names on my sponsorship form. Hoping to get a lot more next weekend when I visit RNAS Culdrose :)

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