Sky at Night Now, last one

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by leveller, Jan 7, 2013.

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  1. For us saddos, the last Sky at Night, with Sir Patrick.
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  2. Cheers mate, just popped it on.
  3. Are they doing it with a ouija board?
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  4. Not wanting to take anything away from Sir Patrick who was a great communicator of ideas and enthusiasm - he got me interested in astronomy when I was 7...

    I am very interested to think about who the BBC will chose to take his place and how they will reformat the The Sky At Night.

    In recent years you couldn't help but think that the BBC must have been wishing Sir Patrick would have gracefully retired, a "forced" retirement would have been like the removal of the Shipping Forecast or changing the schedule for the Archers there would have been uproar.

    BUT The show was very old fashioned, and I don't think did the subject real justice.

    As I say total respect for Sir Patrick he was a national treasure, but I don't think the Sky at Night as it was in recent years was the sort of programme which would attract a 7 year old of TODAY to take an interest in astronomy.

    I mean FFS I don't want TSAT buggering about and made "all youth oriented" but it did need changing.

    I think those Stargazing Live specials with Brian Cox and Dara OBriain are clearly the BBC working up a new format for "The Sky at Night Without Patrick"
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  5. Stargazing Live is a complete waste of time and effort and just another excuse for the BBC to chuck Licence payers money around. I tuned in last year, when the UK coverage consisted of three consecutive nights of cloudy skies and not a star in sight! At the same time, they kept cutting to some BBC bird out in California (or similar), who at least had decent weather, but absolutely nothing of interest to say.
    Looking at the weather forecast for the rest of the week, I reckon they are going to repeat the process this year. Bah humbug.
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  6. I hate the Germans so much I married two of the *******......they weren't expecting that!

    Anyway the astronomers are wrong, all those trillions of receding galaxies are not rushing away from us because the universe is expanding, no, property prices as they are the doppler shift is caused because they're trying to distance themselves from the scousers!
  7. I have watched the sky at night for 20 years avidly because I like eccentric spotting. Sir Patrick never dissapointed.

    stars and moons are not remotely interesting, on the other hand.
  8. Steady on old chap! calm down a bit... I only said that Star Gazing Live is a BBC experiment -a prototype to work out a new format for a Sky At Night without Patrick Moore

    as for the weather and clouds how many times over the years on TSAN did you hear the words
    "well we are LIVE down in Patrick's garden at Selsey and it's totally clouded over! Wait! I thought! I saw... No it's gone" ?

    Only Moore made the format of TSAN hold together it won't work if you just shove a Moore look alike into his place they need to take the opportunity to rethink the programme now. When I was 7 Patrick Moore got me interested in astronomy one of today's 7 year olds wouldn't be fired up by the programme now unless it changes.

    As for his hating the Germans nothing remarkable about someone from that generation thinking that way my father in law was a mild old gentleman a nice man but his experience all the way from Alamein to the Scheldt estuary did give him a somewhat negative view of Germany
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  9. I wasn't having a pop at you, old chap; just expressing an opinion (a bit like Sir Patrick vis the Germans!). :)
  10. Understood, but you try going onto a radio phone in and saying "The only good n....r is a dead one" and see how long you last?

    It seems that some forms of racism are still acceptable.
  11. IMHO Stargazing Live was crap. Dunno who will replace Sir Patrick but I suspect being the box ticking, PC, BBC it will be either a woman, an ethnic or a gay. I suppose Brian Cox ticks one of those boxes.