Sky 3 in 1 Broadband, Internet & phone. Any good?

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by smallbrownprivates, Feb 18, 2008.

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  1. Have looked through a number of threads and seen some positive comments on this, but want to know if it is really as good value as it looks?

    The difference in between having each seperately and all together is some 50-60 pounds a month, i.e the Sky package saves about 60% off.

    Would be very grateful if it could be confirmed if this is so, as the service doesn't have any outbound migration, so if I change to them, I will be stuck with it for a while and also with any funky hidden costs not previously identified!

  2. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    I used to work for Sky BBand in their level 3 dept (Was level 2 but we got merged)
    A few things about the Sky BBand,You may not be able to get the LLU based service & be put onto 'Off Net' at £17.00 a month.Changing from one to another may not be so straight forward.BT has a habit of not migrating customers on the day,we constantly got people who's activation date had been & gone with no service.
    If you are a On-Line gamer,then you're f**ked as Sky dont support it & cannot reduce Ping times ect.
    If you PM me your phone number,I still have my BT Logins & can tell you exactly what speed & service you can get,
  3. I have the package and like it. I pay £10 for the 16Mb unlimited option and quite happly download GB's worth of .... of ...of .... errr, never mind, never had any probs with being told I download to much anyway :D
    The £5 a month for 24x7 calls to other landlines also is good value if you do a lot of those sort of calls (My kids have left home and ring at least 5 or 6 times a day), and with regard to the Sky TV package, had that for years, but I have to say I am not a big sports fan and have recently got rid of Sky Sports and Movies, saving £30 a month, and instead subscribe to Only having the basic sky package does not stop you from getting the Phone and BB.
    However as Spike mentioned, double check the connection and price. My son has fallen foul of not being on the LLU package and it wasnt made clear to him, they basically said "yes we can give you Broadband no problems" and left the rest unsaid. He is now paying £17 a month for an inferior service
  4. Had sky b/b for 10 months now been with sky for 14 years so the b/b was a cheap add on.
    No problems apart from the occasional BT exchange fault.
    I definitely recommend it.
  5. Had the package for 9 months now. All OK. on the basic broadband and phone deal. Works fine for me. I would recommend it.
  6. Am with Sky for the TAlk, TV and Broardband Package only on the basic package for phone and broad band and a 4* Mix for TV (£19 a month) not that interested in Sports or Movies, overall been very inpressed with their Customer service and attitude. My only extravigance was the Sky+ Box which is a marvel.

    BUT Be warned as the others have mentioned about getting it checked out before that you can recieve. I was with BT before hand they said they could deliver and after 2 Months still hadn't in the end had an engineer out whose first words were "you should have been told you aint got a ruddy chance getting Broadband out here" As I am 9km from the exchange so I cancelled. This was just 1 of my grips with BT, their organisation, attitude and customer support was pish, infact they gave up contacting me as I was nasty shouty man and started contacting Mrs Easy to try and sort out any problems which never happened and took us 3 months to get out rebate back. :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

    Moved over to sky and was told I could get it, took a while to get set up as they didnt activate phone line. Worked after a while till I knocked it out the power lead didnt work again till they sent out a new Router overall been very impressed with them yse its slow ish access at best 56 Mbps worst 1 Mbps but it works. Over all more importantly the misses can use the sky+ box unaided!!!!
  7. been with the all in one package for a year now and no problems at all.

    you get a very good quality netgear wireless router and so far the service has been faultless. i pay extra for the max package.

    The only problems i have heard of is people without the knowledge choosing the self install option then cocking it up.
    i'd say go for it.
  8. Thanks for all responses, now very LLU aware!
    Already have BT broadband and Sky service, so not anticipating too many hidden catches, will give the man a call....
  9. Im on Sky atm and my internets are terrible. Don't really think it's Sky's fault however because I am literally miles and miles from the exchange. Get a ping of about 80ms to the first hop, which is awesome when trying to play games online. Also my download speed is about 90KBps but the upload speed is about the same which is actually rather good for a UK ISP.

    So im going to say...

    I've heard good things about their services from quite a few people, however my experiences I think can only be cured with a cable connection.
  10. I use sky and get 10mb download all the time.
    Ping times are fine too. I play lots of online games BF 2142+COD4.
    Mind I am within 1/2 mile of the exchange.
    I was using nildram before and constantly got 4-5mb, when sky did their check they said I would be able to get 8-16mb, they were true to their word. No problems with it at all so far, slight mix up on the install( router not sent out) but apart from that great...
  11. One thing I forgot to mention is that you HAVE to use their router, it's a crappy little white Netgear one and is about as reliable as my old Peugeot. When I ordered my broadband my router came a few days late so I rang their tech support to enquire about my username and password to connect to the service.

    I was put through to some nice foreign type lady who informed me that she did not have access to that information and that she did not know who had access to that info. After a lot of time spent arguing with her I eventually gave up on it and called back, at which time I was put through to an English sounding person who informed me that it is in their terms and conditions that you must use the hardware supplied and that they do not have usernames and passwords to connect to the service and this is all taken care of by the Sky 'box' (shitty netgear router).

    After enquiring about how and why you have to use the netgear 'box' (i hate that term) I pretty much got no answer, they just started rambling about serial numbers and DHCP servers like they were trying to read it off a sheet quickly, at which point I hung up in disgust.

    Reading the unofficial Sky forums apparently you can hax the routers firmware to give you said information but I haven't tried this yet as I am screwed for a router if it doesn't work.
  12. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    As I mentioned above,Sky dont support on line gaming so ringing them up to aske them to change the ping stuff ect wont help as they are not allowed to change the settings apart from the line speed,attenuation ect.When I worked there we had lots of folk asking for help & we could'nt do anything simply because if we were caught,p45 time.
  13. Nah I think you misunderstand, I wasn't asking for anything like that I was merely asking for a username and password to use a different branded router to connect to the service, as they hadn't provided mine on time as promised.

    Im under no illusions that the reason my ping was so crap was that theres a good few miles of copper wire between me and the 'local' exchange.
  14. Also, If you are going to sign up for a Sky package and you are currently not a customer, you could do no worse than going through a site called Quidco

    They are offering £130 cashback for a tracked sign-up via their site.
  15. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Basically,you can use anything other that what they supply but the is a new router out that's better than the Netgear one,a Sagam.
    If you say you're routers bolluxed,you may get one of those.
    And I still have my BT Wholesale logins so if you want me to check what speed you can get on the BT Line,PM me youre number or postcode.. Postcode is more accurate