Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by fairy_nuff, Apr 22, 2012.

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  1. Skippy Australia's first superstar on BBC4 now yippee! Don't fall down the mine shaft!
  2. Wot's that Skippy? There's a Sheila running the country?
    And she's a Gwa?
    And she's Welsh?
    Nah, you friggin' marsupial freak.
    Git on back in the bar and bring me a chilled one....
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  3. The best Skippy was 'good gracious me', Skippinda the Indian Kangaroo.

    YouTube linky please anyone?
  4. What was that Skippy?

    Little Johnny has fallen down the mine shaft?

    You need a CBC, a Chem7, 2 pints of O Neg and a neck brace?

    Don't worry Skippy, the helicopter's on the way.

  5. Wish I hadn't watched it, just found out that Skippy had a stunt double!! Well 9 of them in case he ran off.
  6. Here you go :) [video=youtube;NVWBWn5IyaM][/video]
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  7. It gets worse, Skippy was a GIRL! swore and ate rubber bands
  8. PMSL @ Skipinder ... :)

    Back to proper episodes (and of course the doctored Skipinder clip) .... if you look carefully, every time you see Skippy's hands (paws) they are actually Kangaroo paws on sticks operated by a human. Apparently, kangaroos are not as dextrous as we think :)

    Grew up with Skippy as a child here in Aust. Even met one of the Skippy clones at a shopping centre promo.

  9. Skippy, harmless antipodean childrens entertainment, much like Home & Away and Neighbours really. As for 9 stunt doubles, I'd want that many if I was going near a mine shaft and no mistake.
  10. Cheers!

    Skipinder the punjabi kangaroo.

  11. Bush Kangaroo my arrrrse.

    In my youth, I travelled across Oz in a bus that looked like a tank. "What's all the ironmongery on the front of the bus?" I asked the driver.

    "Roo bars mate, in case we hit a kangaroo. Stops it going through the windscreen and killing the driver."

    "But they're only small.", I protested.

    With a roll of the eyes, the driver asked "You're thinking of Skippy, aren't you?" He then went on to explain that Skippy was a wallaby, not a kangaroo. A male kangaroo is about 7 feet tall and weighs the best part of a ton.

    Apparently kangaroos hate wallabys as Skippy made it impossible for them to get decent TV and movie gigs. As can be seen from "Sheila" (not her real name) pictured below, many roos had to resort to doing porn in order to make ends meet.

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  12. [​IMG]
    That's one nervous looking Roo with a Strain edging up behind it like it's shower time in Long Bay Correctional.
  13. [​IMG]
    Skippy had some issues to work through as an adult.
  14. Can't remember really watching it as a wee people in lumpy jumpers.
  15. Best quote from an actor.Frank Thring once played a guest villain on Skippy and asked why the roo was put in a hessian sack at the end of a take. The handler explained that putting a marsupial in a sack replicates their mother's pouch and calms them down. Thring replied "Fuck me! If that's the star's dressing room what's mine going to fucking look like?"