Skippy at Brighton

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Dale the snail, Feb 4, 2005.

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  1. When my (joint custody) dog gets all excited, he sounds like:

    Animal: "Whhaaooooo"

    Person (not necessarily in bush hat): Whats that, fella?

    Animal: "Whhaaooooo"

    Person: Little Jonny has fallen off a pier?

    Animal: "Whhaaooooo"

    Person; And you need a Sea King to rescue him?

    Animal: "Whhaaooooo"

    Person; And a man to winch him up who is very attractive and would love to bang your mam (pretend its my dog)

    Animal: "Whhaaooooo"

    Person: "Ok - lets go"

    Animal: "Whhaaooooo"

    Person: "And 2 pints of O Neg, just in case"

    Animal: "Whhaaooooo

    Person: And 4 cans of Wifebeater in the fridge and a kebab on the radiator, just in case he survives.

    Gosh, what a good job Little Jonny is not stuck down a mine shaft.
  2. Your dog is calling 'Whhaaooooo' as he is enjoying the blowjob that you are giving him.
  3. fecking poor mut having the Slug blow him :twisted:
  4.'s the reason why her husband left her. He refused to have competition in the bedroom. :wink:
  5. Only because the dog was better looking and had more hair.

    Any more?

    Always waiting for abuse from you, my angel. Mwah.

    Bring it on big guy.