'Skins Decide the Election---! Just Shoot Me Now

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by PTCrusader, Nov 2, 2004.

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  1. Dudes, every since 1933, when the Washington Redskins lose the Sunday before the election, the incumbent (read Bush) loses. When the 'Skins win, the incumbent wins.

    Sunday the 'Skins lost to the Eagles 31-7.

    We Dubya supporters is all fucked.
    Michael Shitface Moore, keep your ballsucking piehole shut.

    :x :? :x :cry:
  2. and the red sox hav broken their "curse" too.

    if the omens are there then...............
  3. K E R R Y
  4. Why bother with elections then !

    Just let the result of a "football" game decide who's going to fcuk the world up for the next 4 years. :roll:
  5. hmmmm...it's also said that if your national convention is held in your home state, you'll lose. The DNC was held in Boston. Which one is right?

    Incumbency is not immune to this one. the RNC was held in Texas for Bush Sr's second term...and we all know the outcome of that one.
  6. So the amount of slack jawed yokels placing their fingerprint on a scrap of paper plays no part in the outcome?

    Does the USA use Rune stones to the maximum effect too?
  7. Well, it's about 0400 in the UK as I post this and all good little Brits are sleeping the sleep of the, uhh, clueless and farting in their beds.

    And speaking of the clueless, it looks like I may have put too much in the Omens of the Washington Redskins, I mean Native Americans.

    But bugger me, the BOSOX won the WORLD SERIES. The Bambino's surrounded by buxom Ho's in hebben, happy and peaceful so ALL bets are off.

    I'm going out to get some chikin entrails and check it out...

    sorry Michael Fatass--this may not be your year but, hey, now I can let you live. .22's going back in the closet now :D

    Hey Yomama--better get yer ass back in that cave.

    Bubblehead, cheers. How ya doin, bro? :wink:
  8. I'm pessemistically optimistic that the US citizens vote the RIGHT way 8O
  9. I heard another one - apparently the winning candidate has been the shorter of the two only once.

    Looks like both omens were probably wrong this time!
  10. X-Inf

    X-Inf War Hero Book Reviewer

    Have you been peeking BL? 8O :twisted:
  11. In Russia (replace with USSR as appropriate) apparently the President ever since the Revolution has alternated between a bald man and then one of the more hirsute variety. E.G. Gorbachev - Yeltsin - Putin. Apparently the Russians take this quite seriously in which case Putin is probably in the process of developing a plan to eradicate all men with a hint of fluff on their heads.
  12. Largest voter turnout in history! Largest number of votes to the President in any US election! Electoral College Numbers: President Bush = 286, Kerry = Who the hell cares.

    Thank God I won't have to look at Kerry's horse face any longer -- or watch he and Edwards in one of their "touchy feely" moods. Michael Moore and all of Sorros' boys and girls go straight to hell. The electorate of the Unitecd States has spoken and it AIN'T KERRY!!!!
  13. "just shoot me now", well that won't be by a member of SO19 then! :wink:
  14. Welcome to Iran, Syria etc.......... 8)

    It would be funny if it wasnt so true.
  15. Well that was all bollox then.