Skinny Blokes...



Here's a random one for ya...

A guy I know wants to get a tattoo, but he's quite skinny, so is unsure what would suit him. Has anyone got any ideas about where would be a good part of the body to get tattooed and I know a design is something that's personal to you, but has anyone got any ideas for designs that would suit someone with a slim build?

Also, for my own information, I've heard that the army will pay to have tattoos removed. Has anyone had this done and does it leave a scar or skin discolouring?

Cheers all! :)
Middle of forehead

'Belsen & Dachau escape comitee'
"F*ck off" on the outside edge of the hand always goes down well, especially for salutes... :D

I do know someone who had "RN" done on the tip of his kn*b 8O
I don't know what is more shocking, that he allowed a big hairy bloke to jab needles in the tip for twenty minutes, or that he found a big hairy bloke willing to do it... :?


Not sure if he'd fancy that second one somehow... But I'll pass on the first idea - think that might make him look HARD! :wink: At least that's what I'll tell him...
I know of one "hairy mary" with tartan jacobs! 8O God they must be feckin huge!
Just get him a pizza and a Ginsters.

Skinny blokes smell of cat litter and twiglets as well.


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