Skin Tags

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by Oneshot, Aug 3, 2006.

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  1. Ok, prompted by the other thread, I have a "skin Tag" on my back whcih I havn't done much about. 'er indoors is sugegsting getting it removed,
    my question is what is the best way of doing it? I have seen sugegstions of tying it with thread to kill it, to getting the doctor to freeze it off.

    Opinions/suggestions please!

  2. Id go for the tie a bit of thread around it very tightly before you go to bed, worked well when I did it for my bro-in-law, it has to be tight though otherwise itll swell to about 10 times its previous size (as did my bro-in-laws when I first tied it)
  3. Completely a non-medical "bloke-down-the-pub-told-me" opinion....

    I had mine (in my armpit) "frozen" by a Stephen-Hawkins-act-alike junior doc at UCL and then cut out badly by David Blunkett's even blinder brother....

    Couldn't feel a thing, but the crunching sound was nice....still, hurt like fcuk the next day when I forgot and sprayed BO basher on...
  4. take you shirt off, cover tag in lard, get leathered, pass out in an alley, have rat gnaw it off.
  5. If it's big enough, have your name, address and blood group tatooed on it!

  6. the thread thing sounds good but tie it round a door knob like you did for your baby teeth when you was a kid and slam the door shut........ dont come blaming me if you bleed to death though lol chow
  7. either tie something around it or in my medical opinion (what I would tell a patient) go to your GP and get it frozen off, takes a few secs and doesn't hurt and less chance of getting it infected etc!
  8. nursey nursey killjoy!
  9. Have you thought about joining the circus?

    Seriously you don't want to be messing around by trying to be a DIY doctor sounds good in practice but as with any form of person deciding to be their own surgery you'll most likely end up with a raging infection and further skin loss, who'd be laughing then????

    Seriously it depends on how big the skin tag is? Have you been to a doctor and actually had it confirmed as a skin tag? And are you certain you extra appendige doesn't have a vascular (blood) supply?

    These small questions may sound stupid but these little questions us medical types like to know preferably before you do your own DIY surgery and end up
    a) In pain
    b) In pain
    c) In pain and infected
    d) In pain and infected and looking a right tit! (Provides hours of laughs! Sadly at your expense!)

    If it is a skin tag the best option would be to get your MO to freeze the little bugger right off your back! It would be a little painful at first but ultimately far better than anything you or your mates could do!

    Balls in your court but ignore sound advice at your peril!

    As for you other medical types I am glad to see that we are giving sound medical advice to our comrades especially liked the door knob advice whoever you are I want to offer you a job! Might cut down on milingering gits! Play nice guys don't bait them too much some guys might actually do what is said hillarious as the results would be!!!!!!!!

    Just remember sympathy can easily be looked up in the dictionary found inbetween shit and syphilis! Keep up the stirling work!

  10. sorry, someone had to!
  11. I hope youre female missy, Im starting to have pant movements for you!
  12. Filbert Fox - the only cure for that is found in your previous posting:-

    "..tie it round a door knob like you did for your baby teeth when you was a kid and slam the door shut"
  13. Yes I am female!
  14. Spreadsheet,
    just tried it, all it did was make me want her even more!!
  15. Note to all males....don't do this = pain!