skin problems at the rsc weekend

Does anyone know how the medical team handle past skin problems?

The only reson is a long time ago I had bad chemical burns off some cleaning fluid and the docs gave me some cream to treat it.

Has anyone heard of people getting through their medicals with skin problems and actually getting in the army?
dunno if this helps but my mate sufferd chemical burns to his face a couple of years back and he applied to the police. Altho he still gets pain from shaving and being out in the sun etc. He failed the medical because of this and would probably got the same reaction from the army.

Do you still suffer any pain etc? I'd speak to your doctor and recruitment officer and get him to ring the medics and see if this might stop you joining. Don't let him fob you off and find out before going to the centre. I think if you fail the medical exams once for something like that, they don't usually let you retry. My mate was devastated, but he didnt think to check it out first. Make a few inquiries first before you do anything tho

Good luck to ya
It will depend on the extent of the burn and the consequent 'Occupational Risks' associated with being in the Army eg sun, outdoor stuff, sand etc etc. If there is no lasting damage then chances are you'll be fine but is not something that can be decided over the internet. Doc should be able to assess at medical.
there is no lasting damage at all, all i was worried about really was the fact that there was treatment for a skin condition on my medical records. i will arrange an appointment with my doc when i get my medical questionnaire etc. do the docs actually let you sit with them and go through it or do they just take it away themself. there are a couple of things i would like to talk over with them as last time i applied i got knocked back for asthma but that was two years ago.

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