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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by chandysbud, Oct 10, 2006.

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  1. I am filling in an application form, and it says that certain skin conditions can preclude you from entry. Can anyone shed any light on what kind of skin conditions they are on about?

  2. I'd have thought it depends on what u wanna be.

    What u got?
  3. I heard someone got deffered excema a few weeks back-
    Last i heard he was fighting the discision?


  4. Definately if your gonna be a chef. I wouldnt fancy REME with excema either.
  5. Any skin condition can be a bar to service. They look at each case and make a decision. If you require medication to control it then you may be turned down.
  6. Way back in the day (last year) I had heady visions of joining up-
    However, my doctor eagerly explained that I had had a topical rash occur occasionally for the past couple of years, but that they didn't know what it was. She also cleverly pointed out that I'd been sent to a Dermatologist, who couldn't diagnose me either...

    Rah rah rah to cut a long one short, I 'got a thanks but no thanks' letter back from those interested in my medical state, becaue the skin rash was 'undisclosed'

    Turns out it was flippin' heat rash.

    So I think that they are pretty stringent?
  7. I suspect it might have been your non-disclosure that upset them, no?
  8. How does one disclose an undiagnosed condition exactly?
  9. Well,

    I see your point Friendly Fire, if I'd have had my way, I would have disclosed nowt- however my wobbly-gob doctor did the deed for me!

    Also, I would imagine it quite hard to disclose and 'undisclosed' condition.

    As my dad said; "they don't want broken things, they want things they can break."
  10. Ooooh, just read that properly.

    They (chief doctor blokey?!) wrote back to me, terming it an undisclosed skin condition- it was put onto the form the (wobbly-gob) doctor had to fill out.

    She obviously made a bit of a meal of it...

    Hey ho.
  11. it has to be a active skin condition, as in, the eczema has to be active at the time, the same applies to any other skin condition it describes, so long as your skin condition is not severe, you should still be considered, by the way i encountered the same problem on my application form, hope this was helpfull!!! :)
  12. Dont put anything down unless you want to be deferred!!
  13. good thinking batman, wish i thought of that
  14. not worth lyin over anythin

    you'll get found out once ya doc forwards ya medcial records to your ATR