Skin condition

I know there are certain medical conditions that can prevent a person from joining the army.
Could someone tell me if psoriasis is one of them?
I don’t really suffer from it that badly but every 4 or 5 years I get an outbreak that covers me from head to toe, will this go against my application to sandhurst?
I’m really suffering from it at the moment but I haven’t gone to the doctor yet as I don’t want psoriasis to show up on my recent medical records if it’s going to prevent me from getting in.
I know some might see it as a mark against my integrity if I try and hide this but I don’t want to let what I see as a petty skin condition stand between me and my dream job.

Thanks in advance for any advice given.

Apologies for posting this again, I originally posted this in the officers board and was advised to ask here.
There are quite a few people serving who have this condition but it is dependent on the severity of it, each case is individually reviewed by the MO
I really only suffer from it once every 4 or 5 years.
You can’t really notice it on my face when it flares up but the rest of my body goes very spotty, and when I treat it with Dermovate it normally goes as quickly as it appeared.
I’ve never noticed any clue as to what could trigger it, stress/diet/sleep depravation/alcohol/cigarettes, none of these seams to be the cause.

I’m in the TA at the moment, I don’t remember if I declared my psoriasis when I joined (it’s something that I forget about until it flares up) but the Army must have a record of my seeking treatment several years ago.

Do I sound like someone who is unsuitable for regular service?
We had a guy on a course once with pretty bad psoriasis - i mean bad - so he was in and doing okay -
had the pi~~ taken out of him all throughout though so so long as you can take some banter should be fine
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