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Unusually I'm looking at arrse using my own mini laptop rather than goofing off at work. I'm running Ubuntu on linux and I'm having problems with a script from There seems to be a number of scripts running, linked to amazon and google ads but this is the last one. Its basically slowing down page loading and sometimes fails to run entirely. 3 questions:

What is this doing?
Why is it doing it?
How do I kill it?

ad invading space...using win7 firefox latest version

and I have no idea why it appeared in thsi thread was supposed to be site issues!! maybe cos i is old tired?


Good CO

I think that is because of a very large image posted in the thread. Normally the ad would sit neatly to the right of the left column. If you're getting frustrated by ads then we've got it wrong so I will look at this issue.

The assorted scripts shouldn't slow down page load if set up correctly, and I have been to considerable lengths to get the order of loading correct, and getting rid of troubl;e scripts. However I agree that Skimlinks was a problem and have done some quick tests which support that. I've therefore disabled it. Thanks for letting me know.

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