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Skimming the Gene Pool

You got to wonder about life on earth when p[eople like this somehow escape the culling..brought a tear to my eye, though, laughed way too hard.

Seems the local constabulary stopped a fellow who was doing 100 kms over the limit....the only thing the driver did right was stop for the police after that things went a bit down hill.
a] he blew three times the legal limit on the roadside breathalyzer
b] his car was not plated missing licence or temperoray permits
c] he was driving while under suspension with his licence revoked.

where was he going in such haste?

Well, it seems he was late for an appointment with the local jail where he was to start serving his sentence for the previous conviction for imparied driving which was the reason he had lost his licence in the first place...

love it!!

obviously lacking two brain cells to rub together..

shame they didn't just shoot him on the spot and save the taxpayers money in court costs..

not your best work - hooped. mk

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