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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by B_AND_T, Mar 17, 2009.

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  1. B_AND_T

    B_AND_T LE Book Reviewer

    I shortly need to give a 1/2 hour skills lesson.

    Any novel idea's?

  2. mwl946

    mwl946 LE Good Egg (charities)


    And no, im not joking - lends itself very well to EDIP and maximum class participation.

    Another good one is making a paper aeroplane - have a mate did this on DITs course and got a highly competent.
  3. The correct method of lacing boots.

    Dead simple and everyone has a pair, so no need for stores.

  4. Knots and lashings, composition of a confidence charge, how to cut a brandy bottle with string, changing a wheel....
  5. for my DIT i did how to remove a bra - started with otwo hands then progressed to one hand...
    got a couple of laughs!!!
  6. making jam sarnies
  7. Christ, don't try the "changing a wheel" lesson. A bloke on my DIT tried it. It took him the full 30 minutes to do the demonstration. No time for immitation or practice (which is supposed to take up half the lesson itself).

    Keep it simple.
  8. When do you need it for?
  9. Covert smoking. Take everyone outside, light up(covertly) smoke(covertly) and then get them to practice. Then when you're finished, have a smoke break.
  10. If this is for the DIT course..

    Keep it simple and remember to have 10 minutes of practice and stick to it, even if the students have mastered the skill.

    Those that I have given the highest grades to, have generally been the more simple lessons such as boot lacing, folding a paper aeroplane etc.
  11. Doing mine on sewing a button on... manly..
  12. Why dont you consider a detailed person search, not only will it take up the 30mins but it will also benifit the soldiers watching as many dont know how to do it.

    I did this and it's a really good option.
  13. I have seen this done by members of the MPGS and it can work quite well.

    Can be a problem if you have females in your syndicate, esp an odd number

  14. I did mine on attaching an sa80 rifle sling, very bone, most people can do it.......

    One bloke did attaching a load to a parachute harness , that was interesting, knots are a favourite, I think it has to be military orientated these days.
  15. I did one on fitting puttees, I thought it would be a novel ideal being an old cnut and no-one on the course would know what they were

    Oh to my shock that there were many much older fecks than I on it.

    I've done the old boot lace one in my past, very good one to do, if you can use white laces in the boot during the demo to make the actions more noticeable.

    Also get them to take their boots off before the start of the lesson, saves time messing about, after imitation and practice they will be properly dressed again.