Skills learned in TA

Hi. I'm currently in the joining process for the TA. I have mainly joined for the challenge..

Besides Army type training, I have heard people have done training in the TA and actually started a new career in their regular jobs as a result. What kind of other training is given?

I applied for a TA soldier BTW.

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They might be able to cure you of asking so many daft questions, but I doubt it.
Where have you heard this? Don't expect hgv licences for a long time. I do know a bloke who now works as a personal trainer who likes to where his mtp and a white vest. However he's not a pti. He also tried to get work as a bodygaurd after doing a herrick, but unsurprisingly work was short on the ground.


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Hopefully learn to be irritated by being referred to as TA's (STAB's, yes. Part time *******, ok. Reservists, preferably. Gareth's, if you must. But we are not Territorial Armies! :crash:)
cybertronik, it all depends on the unit you join. In the early days you will learn to work as part of a team, later on as you progress up the ranks you will learn man management skills and how to lead that team. You will also do courses that may help your civvy career, a DiTs (Defence Instructor Techniques ) course is required in most units before progression to jnco, in addition you may gain all your driving licences and get your Hazardous Materials licence. Many of the "life skills" that you gain in the Army Reserve, sometimes without realising it, can be used in civilian life, you may not notice you are using those skills but those around you will.
I learnt how to take a weekends pay and piss it up the wall with the lads at end-ex!

Seriously though, I was Infantry and there is not much call for a Milan operator in civvie street. I can lay a mean ambush in the works canteen though!

I did do my First Aid, and have continued to be the companies first aider, I did a Master of Instruction course which I have used elements in my civvie job (I work in training) but that was about it.

I am sure a unit such as REME or even Signals would offer more transferable skills. I know a lot of the radio operatiors offshore in oil and gas are ex Signals/Navy
I have learned the following in the TA

- How not to shape a beret
- What someone who never exercises and whose diet consists entirely of refined carbohydrates looks like
- Not to trust my life to a 2LT straight out of UOTC
- That death is preferable to a transfer to the R SIGNALS (V)
Polar 69 is right. It depends on your unit. I'm Signals. I've picked up in 8 years my CAT C and C+E, (trucks and trailers), my CAT D busses and coaches. An HGV driving instructor course, valid in Civvie St. An ADR license that allows me to carry dangerous goods in my trucks and all sorts of bits and bobs that might come in handy, a PAT tested certificate comes to mind. Get yourself traded for starters, do your DITS course, which is fun and takes a couple of weekends. If you put yourself forward for courses and have a reputation for not being a knob and for turning up and applying yourself, the courses will come.
You may be lucky enough to get a L4 Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector (PTLLS) which is a pretty good teaching qualification. Although DIT is a good course, common to general misconception it is not accredited to anything civilian recognised.

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