Skills drive to boost workforce

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by arby, Nov 16, 2007.

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    Since when did it become to arrse about at school, leave with no GCSEs? Seems to me that all this does is reward lazyness in education? I thought the deal was everyone worked at school until 16, then apprenticeship or stay on the work or uni.

    and at a time when firms are shying away from apprenticeships who wants some lazy chav gobsh ite slobbing around the place?
  2. Seems to me that the main thing about that report is that our schools are failing. IMO this has been obvious for over a decade. Indeed when Blair won his first general election the failing state of schools was one of the tickets he got in on. Remember the "education, education" speach?

    What has happened since Labour got power? Education standards have fell AFAI can see. Exam results have improved on the face of it. Does anyone believe that improved exam grades are actually a real indication of a better educated populace? I don't.
  3. agreed but it also seems to be that there's a lack of career focus. Im not suggesting that people are given a limited option but some coersive pressure with the options being apprenticeship/uni/army. Seems to be an option, or am I turning into my old man?
  4. I spent some time this year with a hundred or so young unemployed in Hull and I was pleasantly surprised at how well educated they were - certainly better educated than my generation. Perhaps they were too well educated and worldly wise to be willing to throw themselves into treadmill Mcjobs when they could be having a life instead, I can't say I blame them.
  5. Hmmmmmmm
  6. My bolding.

    LOL :D

    I think that happens to most of us.

    To adress your main point IMO the benefits sytem we have is going (actually happening) to destroy us. There is no way on Earth to logically justify (universally) a system where you can be financially worse off for working.
  7. I invited one of my soldiers to go to Beaconsfield on the reading and writing course. The guy was absolutely delighted. In 14 weeks he added 7 years to his reading / writing age and it changed him as a person, a soldier, and a man completely. God knows what they had done to him in his 12 years at school.
  8. I guess you would prefer fallen? Sorry, typing on a laptop and tend to like shortcuts/abreviations. My typing is a tad "mong". I apologise.
  9. How many skilled workers have emmigrated?

    Stable door/bolted/shut?