Skillies Lessons Website????

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Golf_one_one, Apr 21, 2005.

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  1. Has anyone got the address of the SAA website that was knocking about 2 years ago?

    Has it been updated with A2 stuff, and do the conducting notes come from AOSP?

    If anyone has any info, lesson plans or up to date conducting notes please PM me

    Cheers all G11
  2. What the F**k is a skillie?

    Its skill at Arms. Twat.
  3. SKILLIE!!!??? I suppose you call a drill instructor a "Drillie"?

    Lesson Plans for A2? Get an updated pam 5 (2004) and some blank lesson plan cards and get scribing!
  4. YAWN

    yeah thanks for that :twisted:

    Ref the new Pam, as soon as my unit gets them i will, however being the diligent instructor i am, and away on ops, the internet is my only resource for the time being.