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Discussion in 'ACF' started by Toon~France, May 31, 2006.

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  1. Im going on a weekend field training with the Duke of Lancaster’s Own Yeomanry and would like to know firstly; what the SA80A2 skill at arms test entails and also what i need to know to take part in a Sabre troop. thank you


  2. you mention these alot ...

    how many do you own ? i prefer bacofoil mind , the asda brand just doesnt hold up to all that sniping i do
  3. Test is same as normal weapon handling test, with odd change now as no gas stopage drills and no requirment to apply safty catch when dealing with other stopages.

    Excelent weapon system far better than the A1, even the mags feel better quality instead of that cheap tin they were made of.
  4. If you can pass the L98 WHT then passing the L85A2 is about the same (some say easier, I'd say just a bit diferent)

    I passed both on the same day 8)
  5. ok cheers for the real advice, mudbloodgreenfieldsbeyond, up yours mate
  6. dont forget left handed cocking unlike on the Cadet GP L98A1, god that thing is like a shotgun!!!
  7. is it the same test as the GP? im basicaly worried about the gas parts as ive never used anything other than the GP before, apart from that is the holding open device in the same place and are the stoppage drills the same?
  8. Not the same as the GP test, instead of Cock Hook and Look you simply look at the cocking handles position and listen to what they tell you. as for parts such as bolt release etc all in the same place, it is exactly the same to strip (bar the gas parts) but i am quite sure someone will show you how if not they are a bonk unit full of jack tw@s. have you never covered an LSW lesson at your det or are you not at three star level yet?
  9. no i am 3* level i just havn't started learning the LSW drills yet. I'm going on the weekend 1 & 2nd of July and was just worried becasue the 2ic of the unit im going with said i have to pass the SAA test before he'd let me in the field. Also if you wouldnt mind, what do i need to know to take part in a sabre troop?
  10. i couldnt tell you about a sabre troop as i am a falling plate but i am guessing its just armoured recce?. in all fairness the troop 2ic should give you a chance to run through the drills before binning you, if not as mentioned he is a chopper. it might be an idea to speak to your det commander for future reference, to get a couple of members of your local ta unit to come to your det and teach lsw as they can use an SA80 to do the lessons, i have personally viseted ACF dets and taught it many times. :D
  11. cheers for your advice where would you suggest i ask about a sabre troop?
    lol the 2 IC is my cousin thats how im on the EX lol. and i don't want to involve my ACF detachment because they will start blabbing on about risk assesment etc...
  12. At the local ta centre? that is if it is yoemanry, if not try the army website?
  13. Toon France are you a cadet an AI ??

    On a serious note have you ever been taught how to use the A2 if not then surely you should not be anywhere near one ??

    I think it mentions this in the seven safe handling rules and the red book.

    Sorry to sound all H+S but it concerns me.
  14. dont worry oh_bug.ger ill be fine