Skill at arms training aid?

Val Kilmer in overwatch position with his gat nice and stable on bipod him in prone position. But he jumps up to fire! What the fecks that about?
Goldfishfart said:
Rumour has it, these people received a bit of coaching from our own celebrity former RGJ on F & M. looks as if it could be true?

Heard that rumour too, if you watch Heat, its a credible rumour, but Heat was a remake of LA Takedown which was made in 1989, also by Michael Mann. The F&M and weapon handling in LA Takedown is as professional and pre-dates GW1. So unless AMcN was moonlighting in the late 80s it seems unlikely (well either that or it was money for nothing).

LA Takedown is a better film for the lack of a big name cast and the Hollywood need for a happy ending.

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