Skill at Arms, Trade badges 1970s.

God, I'm turning into a right Spotter! :? I remember being issued with an LMG badge, during my pre N.I. training in the early to mid 70's. I can remember my B trade driver/mech badge awarded to me for Chieftain, but I cannot seem to remember what my LMG one looked like! Well, it was 30 years ago,ha! Iv'e a feeling it was similar, but can't be sure! The downside of this badge, was I had to carry the friggin thing all over Armagh and Tyrone! :x
If my memory serves me from the 60s, The LMG badge was exactly that , the letters LMG inside a wreath similar to the one worn by an RQMS/AQMS around his crown.
It was only LG in a wreath! Badge was for Lewis Gun as well as Bren Gun WWII & Post War . Later used for LMG & GPMG

The rest of the badges:

I'll get me coat!
Cheers lads. My addled brain still has LMG above the wreath, buts Mikes poster does indeed show LG! The poster says 84, so could my 76 badge be LMG? Now where's my coat! :oops:
I might have missed it on those posters, but where's the "flying arrsehole" radio operators badge? It was a white circle with three prongs of lightning coming out each side, on a dark-blue background.

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