Skill at Arms short course

Anyone know what the format for this is now heard it had changed slightly,hopefully on it end of June.

Any pointers/tips greatly appreciated!
The one at Strensall?

Make sure your pers skills are on the ball, gives you less to worry about, and the fieldcraft side of things will make it easier for when you take that lesson. All the lesson plans are now online thru DII I think, I got mine via a mate just this week end (a year or so after doing the course!) But it is better if you make your own as they should be tailored to the individual and not generic.

Ignore the 'plastic course' comments from those who went to Brecon its the same course!

Coaching was still part of the course but I've heard that i was being replaced with the M qual.

We concerntrated on the rifle but a couple of students took LSW lesson.

A laptop and printer for doing your lessons and the obviuos read up on Pam 5 but dont go OTT on it.
I'm with you Blobmeister did the Brecon course in 2007 sad to say realy enjoyed it, agree read Pam 5 and ensure your personal skills are good, mine. were rusty and it showed.
As far as I am aware it is not the same course. If your doing a short course you will not recieve your range qualifications. You may get SA (M) 07 qual out of it. Had some instructors do it and come back as skill at arms instructors, as in they could teach and conduct WHT but that is it. They then have to go on the RMQ course to receive their SA (B) 90. On the Brecon course you will also gain the SA (E) and (H) 90 qualifications as well as the SA (M) 07 and SA (B) 90 qualifications. Also you will be expected to complete lessons on pistol, rifle, lsw, gpmg and grenades. So in short not the same course.

However ensure you are up to speed on your weapon handling before you go as it helps when trying to get the method of instruction right. You can concentrate on your lesson knowing that your weapon handling is at a good standard.
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