Skill-At-Arms Rank Slides

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by MightyBigEgo, Apr 16, 2008.

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  1. I have recently been made up and am now trying to find a supplier of Sergeant Skill-At-Arms rank slides. I have tried drop-zone supplies where I got them as a corporal, but have been told that they have stopped doing them for sgts. Does anyone know where else I can get some? I have tried several other supplieres of military kit but they don't stock them either.

    Many thanks
  2. There is a firm called Lancashire Embroidery that supplies PRI shops.
    They are in Kirby near Liverepool.

    I am sure they will have what you want, they have every badge Ive ever seen. (Walt heaven)
  3. Why wear an “illegal” rank slide?
    Just stick to the approved one you were issued, :wink:
  4. Didn't they go bust?
  5. There are a couple on waltbay right now.
  6. They were bust but re-spawned.

    Got some slides from them late last year or so.
  7. Really? Do you have contact details please?
  8. Could give HM Supplies a try, they seem to do a lot of "Walty" badges and rank slides :p
  9. Guys

    John Bull at catterick will get what you want made up

    bought 3 corporal with skilly badge on like issue ones and then had 3 the same in blue but with royal signals under it

    also lancs embroadery do them too !!!
  10. Why the hell would anyone want to wear a skill at arms badge?
    It's hardly a difficult course and it's just another one of those things that make Royal Signals soldiers look that much more 'chippy' than everyone else.
    It's your personality and professionalism that should impress other soldiers - not the badges you wear!
  11. Could we not wear just what we're fcuking issued or available from our unit PRIs?
  12. i used to laugh at blokes strutting round the place with them crossed rifles badges thinking they were snipers or something!

    like stated by tech genius professionalism and personality should impress. well said mate.

    They definitely have them, I know I saw some there last week when I was in the shop, however you have to phone them up as they aren't available online, £2.50 I believe


    Sorry, seems they have updated the site

    SAA Sgt Slide

    However I was always under the impression that once you got to Sgt, you didn't wear trade badgesd anymore unless you were employed primarly in the role, so a Sgt SAA instructor posted to the SAA wing of a training establishment would be allowed, unit SAA rep would not
  14. I wear my RA Signals Instructor Flags with pride as it was the worse 6 weeks of my life and I'm fecking chuffed to have passed the course

    However if or when I get made up I won't wear them unless I am the Sig Sgt