Skill at Arms Manual

DOes anyone know if you can download the Skill at Arms training manual? Need to refresh skills as not touched a weapon for a few years, and need to refresh before MATTs weekend in October.
You can not download any PAM's reference weapon training from the internet. If you have access to DII then there is an electronic copy of The Army Electronic Battle Box which has every PAM that you may ever need on it.

Your PSI should have a copy of PAM 5, And a copy of AOSP Vol 1 whether it be on paper or on CD.

All PAM's are 'RESTRICTED' in clasification and should be treated as such.

You should do a Practice Period before you go in to WHT's. Im sure your PSI's have figured this in to your training nights.

If you still feel that you are not too happy then im sure your PSI's will give you extra Training if you ask them.
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