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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by two_of_seven, Dec 28, 2008.

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  1. A few questions on the above subject, if anyone could help:
    Has anyone done this course recently? & what is it like ?
    Is it all classroom based? what is the minimum rank to get a place on it?
    Is it two weeks or nine days?
    Is there a lot of competition for places?

    thanks in advance
  2. Why not ask your SPSI/PSI, in the new year when they are bac at work?

  3. thanks for the tip, however i suspect he wont have done the TA version recently; if at all.

    ( i was hoping to get the lowdown from someone who had done that)

  4. 99% classroom based, apart from a stint on the ranges to get CMCQ Qualified.
    2 weeks long, with time off on the Sat afternoon and Sunday. But you will be doing lesson prep so I wouldnt try to go home.
    Minimum rank is Cpl.

    The course is a pamflet mind fek. You HAVE to memorise complete paragraphs out of the SAA pam. And if you try to change the way the lesson is taught from the way they show will be either marked down or failed (unless you do a really good job when they will copy your lesson.......Sorry, only joking they will not copy your way!)

    The entire course is monkey see monkey do, and the idea is so that when you go back to your unit you teach it the correct way and do not include 'fad's'. IE stuff like checking the change lever on the load or unload etc.
  5. I thought Min Rank was L/Cpl.
  6. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer

    Minimum rank is substantive LCpl.

    If you can get yourself a copy of the Rifle PAM beforehand, try to reacquaint yourself with all the basic drills as you'll have to regurgitate them flawlessly and are already expected to have a comprehensive knowledge of the Rifle. The truth is that there are a surprising number of people who are learning the correct drills for the first time on the course.
  7. Minimum Rank for the Course is Acting Corporal, of Arm/Service other than Infantry, or Lance Corporal if destined for a
    unit of the Initial Training Group.
  8. RP how is the hill running?

  9. I attended in 2005, so maybe not as recently as other posters on here. Seem to remember there being a healthy number of lance jacks on my course though.

    As somebody said above, the course is a breeze for anyone with a photographic memory - it helps to remember great chunks of the pam. Just about every evening (other than during the range package phase) was spent prepping lessons for the following day, trying to remember how the instructor "masked his movement".

    A good idea would be to get your head in the pam as soon as you can, and employ the services of a skillie to ensure that your drills are as they should be - they stress that you aren't there to learn the drills; you're there to learn how to teach them!

    Hope that's of some use.

  10. I think the minimum rank is acting Cpl. They have recently binned the AASAA instructor course in favour of all capbadges doing the first 5 weeks of junior Brecon. Which is nice.
  11. 5 weeks might be a bit of a squeeze for the TA though!

  12. Yeah, I think you guys manage to squeeze it into 2 weeks but you don't get as many range quals etc.
  13. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer

    Only just beginning in earnest. PM sent.
  14. So can I just get this straight? If I go on the course RMQ1-3, CMCQ qualled, will it just be lesson after lesson after lesson on the A2 and LSW?

    Do you cover any other weapons? GPMG, minimi, pistol?

    Once qualified am I right in saying you are then qualified to take WHT on GPMG etc as long as you have a current working knowledge of the relevant WHT and PAM?
  15. Dev, its mostly the rifle, with the first coupla lessons on the LSW thrown in for Sh*ts and giggles, not forgetting some fieldcraft lessons. No other weapons, well not on the one I did this year, as to teaching and taking WHTs on other wpns, IIRC so long as you can pass that wpn WHT you can teach it.

    Its still the SA(B) 90 qual so you wont gain in that respect however going through the CMCQ course again was a good refresher.

    PM me if you want more info, you know the rates! :wink: