Skill at Arms in Liberia.

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Toon~France said:
erm... SO?
Well I found it funny myself some muppet jumping around like a an erect nipples firing all over the place.
However you obviously have more interesting things to look at after midnight!?
Maybe ladyboy porn!? or maybe just posting comments that are really just a waste of time posting.
Yeah i think this may be why the Africans manage to have civil wars that last so, long if they fired aimed shots they might get them over and done with a bit quicker.
Guys, please help us maintain a degree of order in the NAAFI by following the only couple of rules there are in here.

Please read this: NAAFI etiquette

Then, please if you feel you need to share the amusing videos and pictures of Piroette performing Parkinsons sufferers put them in here:highly amusing web links

That way the other bloke that likes them can view them too

If they are kept in the one forum, where people who like that sort of thing know where to look, it saves those that don't looking through thread upon thread of stuff that only appeals to a few.

If this reads as sarcastic, many apologies I've got bollock cancer
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