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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by squirt, Feb 9, 2009.

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  1. Hello,

    Prior to my new posting, I have been loaded onto my Skill at Arms course by Glasgow, however have not been given any dates yet! This is also helpful as I have a holiday booked and paid for in March!! Does anyone have the dates of the SAA courses running between now and June?

    Also, does anyone have any info about the SAA course as it is now because I am currently at a unit where you touch your personal weapon but twice a year for your MATTs/WHT! =(

    Cheers in advance,

  2. depends on where you are doing the course, Brecon = lots of running around, Strensall doesn't.
    Brecon is the place to do it for Kudos and B trained SAAIs shower scorn on those of us who did the 'plastic' course. SASC run both so there is no difference except the amount of running around done.

    Go with an open mind but ensure you are upto standard on your drills, they dont teach you your drills but teach how to teach.

    As you can imagine its all about the Rifle but a couple of lessons thrown in on the LSW, all with SUSAT.

    Work long work hard and enjoy, its a damn good course.
  3. Make sure you check the entry standards. Being DIT qualified is a pre-requisite but MCM Div in their wisdom have just loaded personnel onto the course without issuing any required entry standards, then 2 weeks before the course starts and you just get the joining instr it might be a bit of a shock.
  4. Thanks for the info, guys. Can you please confirm whether the course just covers the rifle and LSW, as I was under the impression that it included the GPMG and pistol as well. I am still waiting on my joining instructions however with the dates I have now been given, I have only a week to get up to scratch on my drills. If it's only the rifle and LSW then I should be fine, however I have not touched a GPMG in 2.5 years and have never even touched a pistol. I am hoping I'll be able to do a later course so that I can get some hands on before I go, but I'm not holding my breath!
  5. Aaah my bad, I was refering to the TA (short) course sorry.
  6. When did they start doing OASAA courses at strensall?? I might be mistaken and It's been 10 years since I done my course at Brecon. However they only used to do OASAA courses in Brecon or TAG (G) Sennelager. TAG (S) & TAG (N) Strensall used to run RMQ courses and I think they sacked TAG (N) about 8 years ago.

    Or is this a TA thang?
  7. Ah yes, so I do still have a lot to learn. Let's hope my heirarchy see the sense to give me a bit more time, however I'm sure they'll be quick enough to have a go if I get RTUd straight away!!
  8. GN, TAG(N) is very much up and running , the SSAI is a TA thing run mainly for RTC staff, but non staff may be able to blag a slot on the course.

    TAG(N) were running all sorts of courses while I was there GMG etc.
  9. Does anyone have any up to date information on the Skill at Arms Course held at Brecon.
    I have just found out I have been placed on this course in three weeks and in all honesty havent touched a GPMG or Pistol, so any info would be greatly appreciated.
    Hints, Tips, what to buy or do before the Course starts.....
  10. As far as I know, the next SAA course is in June. It was meant to be the AASAA (Short) in May but I spoke to the Div Sergeant Major a couple of weeks ago and this has been binned and the course redesigned to be in two parts; a SAA phase for regular and reserve, and then a range supervisor (safety) phase. I'm on leave at the mo but I have a copy of the Infantry Courses handbook at work that I could email. Send me a PM and I'll do it on Monday when I'm back in.

    In the mean time get your head in Pam 5 and get your muckers with SAA to run you through the lesson plans. You'll get taught everything you need to know by the SASC guys. They're are on the ball. The running about thing is to keep the Tactics Wing instructors happy and is nothing you won't be able to handle. The longest distance to cover is 100m.
  11. Sweet.

    PM Sent.
  12. Zonal check your PMs.
  13. Next skillys at Brecon starts 10 Mar 10,

    I've heard that after that course it goes 'modular' so it'll be split into Weapons Instruction, B Qal, M Qal and the other ones you get.

    I'm also after the Skilly dates for the new trg year as my unit hasnt received the courses handbook as of yet.
  14. Course Dates are in the Pam on the Intranet. You are correct the course is now split into two parts.

    They have to be bid for individually and loading on one does not mean you'll get the other.

    One part is the old RMQ course and the other is the old SAA course but with no range management modules.

    Another way for the army to save a penny or two i suspect.
  15. I am looking to apply for this famed course, but for the life of me cannot find the course application on the amazing *hmmmm* sharepoint craziness! Is it too much to ask for a simple 'Course Application' tab?

    If anyone could direct me to an electronic copy of said course App I would be very grateful.