skill at arms course (T.A)

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by greeny140, May 1, 2009.

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  1. does any one know when the next skill at arms course is being run? also is it has hard to get on and pass as everyone keeps telling me??
  2. the next course is in a couple of weeks, which means you are shiite out of luck getting a place, its the only on for the year so I'm guessing May 2010
  3. 5.56. bang----------------------------________ouch.
    7.62 GS Bang.------------------------------------------------------------------__________________ouch ouch.
    .5 BANG. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- no ouch. no FT, no comment.
    And that, Ladies and Gentlemen, is the course.
    We are working on the assumption that Fig, 12,s (small) and my personal friend, Fig 11 (4 foot tall and 18 inches wide, we were taught in the 70,s to kill Brittany Spears? very good planning) ,are the lucky receipients?

    If you wish to bitch about the poor scopes's on the AIs', please ring 10 Downing Street,, i think it's an 0207 number....but wait, I have a personal number... oh bollocks, that Scottish guys in now,, claiming housing benefit, never sober, never answers phone.
  4. It's a good course. Not as hard as they all make it out to be. The hours were long and there was a lot to learn off by heart (the lessons had to be conducted without the aid of plans or manuals) but the instructors I had (about 2 years ago) were damn good and you also got a CMCQ qualification rolled in for free.

    And don't believe all those old and bold that say SAA lessons have to be "shouted" at the recruit, that's rubbish! The lesson has to be correct, but it doesn't have to be a chore.

    You'll enjoy it! :)
  5. Did mine last year, yer it's not that bad it's more about how to teach and doing it without notes. Also long hours but good fun
  6. It is worth doing a CMCQ course first or are you better off going straight with the SAA one?
  7. I'd just do the one included in the SAA course, unless you fancy a few more weekends range time!

    They don't expect you to already have knowledge of this and will teach you all you need to know there.

    Interestingly enough, if you go onto a RMQ course, that also qualifies you to take WHT's. Which is a little alarming when you are a SAA instructor and you see guys who have been running a range for 20 years taking a WHT that could've come out of an SLR manual. But this is the exception and not the rule!
  8. Its the CMCQ stand alone course that enables you to take WHT's NOT the RMQ course I would stamp on that practice as soon as you can if I were you
  9. ah! I see. didn't realise that!
    Yes I do. it makes me cringe when the A1 guys start to gibber on about about gas stoppages as well....