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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by mr_wongapong, Feb 18, 2012.

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  1. i have just been loaded onto a saa course, the ji state about being able to pass wht for pistol, gpmg i have never touched these, do i need to get myself taught before hand, or is it one of the criteria that isn't actually required like most other military courses.

  2. If that is the course start standard you will need to be trained and tested by a qualified skilly before you go on the course. Its probably cos you will be firing those wpns so you have to be WHT standard. If you go without being to this standard you will might get RTU.
  3. You'll conduct lessons with these weapons (you'll teach). I managed to spend a couple of hours on a GPMG down a local RA Regt having never touched one before attending the course in 2004. Both weapons (especially the pistol) are relatively simple to learn in a short space of time. AASAA is a good qual to have.
  4. If you do not have in date WHTs for the afore mentioned weapons you will be RTUd. And i would advise that you get some training on these weapons before you start your course as you have never used them before & will be expected to instruct on them. I assume you are doing it at Brecon & they relay don't mind failing people up there.
  5. They gotta maintain standards!
  6. Yes mate they do if your not up to standard you should not be wearing crossed rifles full stop.
  7. Agreed.
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  8. If it is missing from your arrival form they will RTU immediately. I had barely touched GPMG and other weapons before my course so got a weeks training from the local inf Btn!

    Glad I did as I was able to concentrate on the lessons I had to learn and not learn the weapons.