Skill at Arms Badge

Seems like a bit of a bone question, but where on my 1's and 2's do I sew the crossed rifle badge that shows I'm a skillie instructor? Not really that bothered, but have some major parades coming up, and dont want to be picked up for not having the relevant qual badges on me uniform.

That would all be down to your rank and your capbadge mate.

Most Cpls wear them above the stripes, most Sgts and SSgts and wear them over the stripes. Have you got a good tailor on camp or in reach?
Above your tapes, However if you got a distinction on your course the butt of the rifles should touch your tapes
I'm a Corporal, in the Monkeys, but getting my third in the next couple of weeks (allegedly.....)

Would that make any difference?
Nope no difference at all Good luck for the board mate
Thanks very much mate....much appreciated...!!
They go above your chevrons, all this about a distinction touching the tapes or on the tapes is bullsh1t check out Dress regulations in your clothing store. Only to be worn in No1 or No2 Dress, or if you still wear them JHW.

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