Skill @ Arms instuctor?

I'd like to know as well.

I was told by a 1 person that Lance Jack was Minimum and another that it was Full Screw. Was also told that if you became an instructor on A1's, you had to go back to re-train on A2's.

I know that it's a 2 week course. Does it cover Pistols, GPMGs, etc. Does anyone know the actual Pre-Requisites eg Rank, Bits, etc.
Just done one, they only run two a year.

Proper mind-boggling.

They expect you to have all the subject knowledge before you turn up.

Just apply through your PSI, which is what I did.

If you are Infantry you may find it a bit easier, except you need to gen up on the Iron sight.

If you are Other Arms, then they really beast you on your LSW.

Mainly you are tested on sequence and manner of the lesson.

PS Don't under any circumstances call the DS a CANT!!!! (Like me)
PS All you cover is the Rifle and LSW.

The idea is when you have done the course you can simply pick up a PAM, read it, take a WHT on the weapon system, then teach it.

Oh look at that Squadron of Flying Pigs
Being an Armourer, I allready know how most of the weapons work. I was just curious as to whether I would need to do another top up course on each weapon or not. It's a winner that I won't have to. One of my lads also wants to do the course, but is only a lance jack without bits. Do you know what the pre-requisites are?
Substansive Lance Jack is the minimum, I believe

To be honest BIT/ DIT's (Or whatever they have decided to call it this week) will be a disadvantage.

The SASC lads want things done in their own special way, which is quite different to the BITs.

As long as they know what they are talking about and can stand up in front of someone, the BIT isn't need.
Cheers for that. You said that they run twice a year. Do you know the rough dates and do they always run at the same time every year?

Are they heavily subscribed?

I'll stop asking questions soon. :lol:
The last one ended on the 1st April, I'm not really sure when the next one is.

There was about 80 on my course, BUT THERE WERE SPACES!!!

One the other pump bit about the course is they work you all the way through and don't give you the Saturday or Sunday off.

That is so the Perm Staff don't have to work three weekends in a row.
Cheers for that. Looks like a bid coming on next Tuesday.
Another thing......

They go through Fieldcraft Lessons regarding FCOs.

They seemed to give them lessons to the Other Arms, in an attempt to catch them out.

So it would help to have a look at that PAM.
As far As I understand,

DITz (the repelacment for BITS) is now a tri service wide foundation instruction course, which intoduces to the student the military ideas on how to be an instructor. As such it should be a prerequisite now for any serving person before going on to undertake more advanced specific instructor training of which SAA is an example.

One of the reasons that DITz has been introduced is an attmept to have a standard basic level of instructors to try and avoid some of the bad press that the services have received over recent years. Those regualr instructors attending recruit trainng now have to under go a 3 week DITz course!

Get in touch with your local brigade trainng team for course dates.

It introduces the students to various types of lesson taking includling Theory, and skills, be it BMP, technical skills or the army's much loved EDIP principle (Monkey see Monkey do)

Being a SAA Instructor, most of the lessons are based on EDIP which you cover with DITz, but as some one mentioned, the SASC have their own flavour of EDIP.

Jennie said:
Being a SAA Instructor, most of the lessons are based on EDIP which you cover with DITz, but as some one mentioned, the SASC have their own flavour of EDIP.


For starters The "dady" says hello....

I'm halfway through Dits and its pretty good...!

Finally, who are SASC? and is this who I ask my SPSI to contact?

Cheers :lol:
The SASC runs the course and it is held in Brecon and as said prev, it is a Pam Mind Fek.

You turn up, do WHT's, and get taught the entire weapons PAM, then have to teach it back to them, in exactly the same way they did it to you. If you change things then you are marked down.

When I did it you had to be a Cpl or Acting one. I also took a laptop and printer to make life easy for me, but I hear they dont like you doing that now as people started to turn up with the lesson plans already done! DoH!

You now get taught on the A2, and LSW, and get a CMCQ as well at the end.

In the Rifle Pam there are fieldcraft lesson's, and it is those that they want you to teach as TP's, eg FCO's, Target indication etc. Anything to do with a weapon!

I did mine back to back with Junior Brecon, and at the time, they let us have the weekend off. :D
ITC Brecon only run two or three a year... which equates to about 240 students.. when i did mine there were about 80 of us on the course.


Best palce is to get your PASO or PSI on the blower to ITc, or search the DCI's with the course dates...

I wonder if these DCi's are available on th eArmynet web site..

If you want me to let me know and I checklater... about tohave a meeting at work


PS Pass on my regards to the "Dady" for me. And get him to join you on some courses.
The DS on the course seemed to have a quite low opinion of the CMCQ course, run by anyone apart from them.

One interesting point that did come up.

As you know CMCQ course will give you a K Qualification, which allow you to act as range safety & to coach (As we all know)

CMCQ does not give you the qualification to take WHT’s…..

Got that confirmed by the OC via my DS there.

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