Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by UK_General, Oct 17, 2006.

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  1. Im in the application process of joining the army, and i love skiing. I know the army are all for promoting sport within the army and i know skiing is an option. But how often would i get to hit the slopes??

    Any comments? thanks
  2. Since you like skiing so much, I'm sure you'll spend almost all your time on the slopes. Hardly anyone gets sent to hot sandy/stony places anyway.
  3. If you do your ski-ing courses and get your quals you can ski throughout most of the winter, especially if you join a unit with a ski team, or do a lot of Skiing as Adv Trg. In addition you can take part in the Div and Army Ski-ing champs each year.

    Most units that are big into the ski-ing champs will send the team off for training for about 2-4 months prior to the event. Most of the bill is also footed by the unit as well. However, I would say that it depends on the Regt/unit that you join and the CO eventually, it's not a guarantee...
  4. You should be able to manage 2 weeks pa on the Company if you are in a unit which is not deployed. But things are busy and that might not happen. Your 6 weeks of leave pa will help!

  5. How easy is it for an older and bolder member of the forces (LE) to get on a ski instructors course? Is it the preserve of the young whippersnappers or are we in with a shout too?

    And no zimmer frame wise cracks, I'm still running full and half marathons and punish many a young Tom on squaded runs.