Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by taff_dee, Dec 1, 2005.

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  1. i have just started my application to join the RE. I am also a qualified ski instructor and my recruiting sergeant has told me after phase 2 i will probably be able to teach skiing for the army is this b*llocks or is the opportunity there
  2. You should be able to instruct your own Regiment. Plenty skiing to be had on Boxhead land. Do they still run Op Snowqueen? Anyone from BAOR? lol The younger members are looking at me and saying who is this guy is he a dinosaur or what.
  3. Not to sure about the Engineers but the Royal Corps Of Dingles (Signals) have plenty of opportunity to instruct. I know a number of individuals who constantly bugger off for the winter months to instruct people silly enough to want to hurl themselves down very steep hills on two planks of wood… While those of us not silly enough stay back and cover their guard duties, work commitments and occasional Op tours…
  4. At first you should be able to instruct on a part time basis (ie when your unit can release you from duties). I am sure though that any unit worth its salt will welcome your qualification with open arms - and the Royal Engineers are pretty good at encouraging adventurous training.

    If later in your career you decide to become a permanent adventurous training instructor that path is open to you. However, if you are ambitious and want early promotion then this is a course to avoid. In particular I know many REME ski instructors who have balanced a career and instructing on a part time basis- but the REME are slightly unusual since they own their own lodge in Bavaria. The rest of us had to sell our Snow Queen lodges off many years ago.

    Hope this helps
  5. If you are a qualified instructor, you should be a good standard - get yourself into the Army Ski Team. Then you will spend the winters abroad on camps and training, and the order comes from so high up, your boss will not be able to refuse.
  6. Concentrate on your training and when you get the chance to ask for a posting apply for 28 Amphibious Engineer Regiment or 35 Engineer Regiment (both in Germany). As far as i know these are the 2 main units which are pretty good in the skiing area.
  7. If you are a sking instructor before joining army you are quids in and will be a popular chap!

    But...... do make sure you get time in with the units and don't become an adv trg prima donna. It is difficult to get promoted if you don't do enough time in the unit doing green and op type things.

    I am taking some people to the Alps this yr paid for by HMG - with some personal contributions. Excellent and just what it said on the recruiting posters! And I and my instructors are old and crippled! I have managed to ski with the Army on and off for over 22 yrs now.
  8. hi
    im serving in Royal engrs at the minute as a sapper there is no way u will get to instruct sking even with previous experience.
    First you will need to get posted to germany to either 28 or 35 engineer regt poss 21.
    Secondly been in germany you get alot a tours so unless you ski for great britain there aint much chance of sking .
    sorry it seems recruitment sarge has been mugging you off
  9. Taff - are you BASi or SSE qualified? :?
  10. I was stationed with 35 Eng Regt when they were at Gordon Barracks in Hameln between 1983 and 1987. In my first winter I went away for 5 months with one of their two ski teams as one of the novices (1 officer, 2 skiers and a novice per 4 man team) and then went away after the races to become an instructor (CSSI) at the end of the first season.
    I then spent the next four seasons away from camp instructing soldiers and their families for 6 months a year at the Sapper Lodge in Bavaria, before leaving the services and becoming a civvy instructor in Switzerland and Austria for 2 more seasons.
    I was a training partner for the downhill skiers and bobsleigh guys for the 84 and 88 Olympics and in-general had an amazing time all-round.
    Of-course, I assume the Army has become a very different place in the 25 years since I was a soldier and yes it did curtail my promotion prospects but I became incredibly fit and "met" a lot of beautiful women. I cannot recommend it enough.
    Good luck to anybody wanting to pursue this lifestyle. It's a blast and the memories last a lifetime.
  11. If you're a BASI instructor, you should apply for the army ski team. Get on that, and you'll spend most of your life on skis. Do really well and there's always the phys corp?
  12. Junior ranks with AT quals are like rocking horse shit these days. As a sapper it should be quite easy to relase you for work so you will be innundated with requests to teach skiing. if you are BASI then you are a good bet for regimental Ski team as well. i am a ski instructor and could easily do 12 weeks a year if i could get the time off. last winter i did 4 weeks 2 with Army 2 with family but could have done more but was covering 2 jobs.
  13. I came across this thread while looking into what happened to the Sapper lodge, I was a downhill instructor the first season it opened ( after they shut all the Regimental huts ).
    There were 2 from 35, I was the one from 25 in Osnabruck, just thought I would say hello...:-D
    Good times...