Skiing on the US West Coast

I am looking at going skiing to the US West Coast in Jan/Feb 2012, I live to the North of Brisbane and for my last three ski trips I have gone over to Whistler. The skiing is great, but from door to door the trip takes me in the region of 38 hours in both directions (Brisbane-LAX-Vancouver-bus to Whistler)

I am thinking of cutting the next trip short and getting off at LAX (all Qantas flights from Brisbane go there) and trying what skiing is in that area. Years ago me and the ex went to Heavenly (great skiing there as well) a couple of times but that was direct from LHR to San Francisco and a 4 hour drive after we arrived so I don’t really fancy that as it would involve a short hop from LAX to SFO.

Are there any Arrsers out there that have tried the skiing in the LA area, I have done a bit of googling on the local resorts but want to get some first hand info before I make any choice. The plan is for just me to go as the Mrs don’t ski, and be on the slopes for about 10 days in all plus travel time. I would not mind a couple of hours drive from LAX just not silly distances.


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