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Sorry to post this on here but I am desperate for a ski instructor. I have planned an exped to Austria leaving on Friday (01 - 10 Feb) and one of my instructors has pulled out. If you have the JSSI and TLT qual and are available pleae PM me for more info.

You might want to try going to

Go to the menu on the left and click "inst avail". You may have to phone around but it gives a good start point.

You could also advertise for instructors there, though it's probably bit late.

Good luck
Assuming you are REME, (or perhaps even if you're not) you could also try ringing the REME Facilities Bavaria care of ES Br, HQ 1(UK) Armd Div to see if they can help. I am sure their contact details are on the REME facilities website.

Good Luck again
You just want your own ski instructer to push his throbbing knob into you while you are on holiday. Go on, admit it.
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