Skiing in ST Anton Austria

Hi Guy's and Girl's,

Has anyone been skiing in the St Anton region of Austria?
I am going there soon on adventure training and was wondering what the accomodation was like at the local Army Camp, what the night life was like and how much money (reallistically) i would need for a week on the lash?

Cheers in advance

#2 am i....mid march....i've heard the beer is around 80p in the bar.. 8O :lol: :twisted: you make your lunch up at breakfast and there isn't a shortage of slopes in the area...when you going?
we're staying in the austrian camp....seems like it's a very popular place for booking...and there was a group on standby to take our place if we didn't book our slot.
I have just returned from the Walgau Kaserne on 26 Jan, I planned a trip for 18 guys from my unit.

First off, excellent place. The camp is only 1 minute from the autobahn near the town of Bludesch. Accommodation is in 8 or 4 man rooms. The camp is home to a mountain regiment who are currently deployed on the hungarian border patrolling against illegal immigrants.

Now for the bad bit..... the food!

10 of our group of 18 got food poisoning along with 6 members of the RAF and 7 Austrians. The kitchens had failed a hygiene inspection 3 days before we arrived but were still using the out of date food. DONT EAT IN THE COOKHOUSE.

Brits eat in the boys cookhouse. Breakfast is continental and cereals. Avoid the salami and cheese at all costs as this was the food poisoning culprit. Plenty of rolls and sealed jam/honey/nutella that can be used for breakfast and lunch. Brits are invited to use the unterofficers mess which is the Cpl's mess. Beer in here is one euro for pint lager or weiss beer. You can also buy food here from a bar snack menu and was pretty good. I only spent 80 euro in one week including many lunches on the slopes.

As for the skiing. We sacked St ANTON off as it is nearly a one hour journey. Instead we used the local resort of Schruns which is only 20 mins away. This was perfect for beginners and novices. Mostly blues but some were more challenging than some reds i have been on elsewhere.

Socially there is little within walking distance. Most of our guys were knackered at night and had a few beers in the cpl's mess. One night we went to a tex mex but it was crap and the bar was full of faggots.

All in all, a cracking place. Perfect location but avoid the food in the boy's cookhouse. The LO is a WO by the name of Durr. Excellent bloke. There is also a Pte medic who is half british (austrians not aware) who looked after our sickies very well.

Ask the guys down there about the food poisoning, it was a diplomatic incident and made the papers! the scummy national service chef blamed it on the Brits!!

For any more info, please PM me.
I am currently organising a trip to St Anton for March 2010. We are also staying at the Austrian Military camp and was wondering if any others have been lately and could answer a few questions :?

Cheers, any help will be appreciated.

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