Skiing in Bulgaria

Discussion in 'Travel' started by brettarider, Dec 1, 2010.

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  1. Toying with the idea of a week there next month or Feb there seems to be OK deals on teletex and by accounts is pretty cheap just wondering if anyone has been and whats there opinion of it worth the money? I'm not excatly flush so ruling out France etc if anyone can offer a better location. Also wouldnt mind taking my own kit compared to hire charges surly a bit of excess bagage would still be cheaper to pay?
  2. terroratthepicnic

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    I was skiing there a few years ago. We went to the Borovetz resort. Skiing was great, perfect for intermediates. The locals all spoke English, but if you can speak serb, you will be able to understand the local language.
    The beer was cheap the food in the bars was good, the hotels not so good.

    The nightlife was as good as you would find in any ski resort.
    All in all, it's worth going.