Skiing Allowances

Have just discovered that skiing is now classed as Military Training, therefore all individuals taking part can now claim IE and LSA. Does anyone know where i can find this in writing. Many thanks
If you are away from your own unit for 10 days or more you can get LSA and you are entitled to IE for up to the first 30 days of a course/attachment. You have always been able to get those allowances though, I did 2 weeks skiing in 2004 and got them. Remember for IE any item under £5 doesn't need a receipt.
You certainly did not get IE in 2004, it didn't exist then! It was brought in much later.
I thought it was only limited to Instrs who got LSA, if anyone does know where this info is can you pm me as we have a load of guys away skiing at the moment
It use to be only for instructors, referees etc. I raised the question with my Bde as i had heard rumours that everyone was now entitled as skiing was now classed as military training. They confirmed this was correct and stated that it came out in a AGAI or a DIN, i am still looking.
I have just read JSP 752 (para 03.0115) and it still states in there that you are not entitled to IE for sport or any form of Adventure Training. There are certain types of skiing ie biathlon that are military training. I can't see the system paying out £10.00 per night overseas for boys and girls to go on a jolly downhill ski trip.
The confusion might have come from a recent DIN which talked about Nordic skiing which has always been military training as opposed to sport skiing. The DIN is 2008DIN07-110. A short extract is below

"1. Nordic skiing in the Army is classified as military training (as opposed to sport or adventure training (AT)
- Annex A to DIN: 2007DIN01-105 refers), a distinct form of shooting and physical training, separate from skitouring
which is AT. British Armed Forces use the collective term Nordic to encompass Biathlon (cross-country skiing
with shooting) and cross-country skiing.

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