Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by BoringUsername1, Jun 27, 2012.

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  1. That's not the skiffing that Ainsley Harriott, John Reid, Razor Ruddock, James Gray and Geoff Hoon (to my certain knowledge) have all had.

    If the stories are to be believed, Hoon has probably supped the equivalent of an entire poo.
  2. just the one?

    Anyway, there was a kettle at 'a barracks' that was only used for making very, very strong coffee for one particular person, I forget his name, but he was a skinny PTI, married to a fat walrus of a woman (QA I think) He did the 'walking like I'm carrying a carpet under each arm' thing.
    The kettle had to be used outside as the 'water' stank remarkably like boiling piss.
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  3. Of course I only found out about the kettle listed above some time after the various alleged incidents, however I would like approx 20 gallons of offences to be taken into consideration
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  4. Holy thread resurrection, but why ?. Its a shit thread
  5. Some bastard landlord ripped us off in digs in Amsterdam, naturally we skiffed all his clean sheets prior to departure.
  6. Don't forget the skiffing qualities of decent built up dick cheese either.
  7. In which case we may have been at Keogh at roughly the same time...
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  8. Did you drink a lot of suspiciously very strong coffee?
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  9. Because, you wee belter, I used the search function for "Skiffing".... which is (see post #3) now deemed a hate crime. No longer is the skiffer just a naughty boy, you're now a deviant, a pervert and to be ostracised by society in general for your foul, hateful behaviour.

    My intro to the beautiful art was by an ancient LE Major working in a project office years ago. The office was run by a truly awful scouse CS ("I'm equivalent to a Lt Col" type) who had zero respect from anyone. Our trusty co-ord would bring her a cup of coffee every morning, welcomed with a "Cheers mate, sluuurp".... And every morning he'd turn smartly round to me, grinning like Muttley. He was well past the end of his career but the joy he got from dishing it up to the CS bint every day made up for any hardship he'd ever endured.
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  10. I didn't mention the old guardroom at Keogh barracks... Oops
  11. No thank evans... i mean thank heavens
  12. that's the fucker! I had to help him with his pre-EFP course, as he couldn't spell for toffee.
  13. Thats cos his Mrs had eaten all the toffees (I would have by the way)