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Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by kingburn_99, May 20, 2008.

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  1. Has anyone got any advice on working Ski seasons in canada/usa/europe. To be more specific, i can ski and love to ski but i am not an instructor and can't really afford the instructor courses so does anyone have any good experience of going away for a few months working and skiing. I mean biff work such as lift operator/barman/cleaner etc

    just after reputable company names? cheap flights? good experiences etc?


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  3. terroratthepicnic

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    Try and speak to any of the tour operators. Becoming a tour rep would be your best bet. Everytime I go skiing, I always see the rep on the slopes and in the bar afterwards.
  4. Most resorts have locals running the piste / lifts etc. If you can ski well and have a medical qual you might get a job as a patrol, but again different countries have different laws. (france make it almost impossible if you are not French!) Best bet would be to make list of all the resorts you want to go to and then contact the tourist office to get details of local companies running the lifts/piste etc.
  5. skiied all over BC/Alberta whilst on Winter Repair in Batarrse...lots of kiwi's/Aussies/Brits working Whistler/Kicking Horse and the like....mostly as lift attendants and restaurant staff on the slopes...must be a company or something you could go through? 8)
  6. snowqueen.
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    How do i get on snow queen fablon??....who do i speak to...bearing in mind i am only a mere STAB!

    a boy just wants to ski and get paid for it!!
  9. No longer Snow Queen - Now Winter warrior and held at Joint services Training Centre Sonthofen. For details see the relevant AGAI or telephone the centre directly at;

    0049 8321 80053 and ask to speak to the Chief Clerk
  10. AGAI? i have just e-mailed my AO asking for any info....the ******* never want to send me anywhere because of bloody MTD's
  11. I lived in Quebec, Canada for 8 years. I highly recommend you ccheck out this site. MSSI was created about 4-5 years ago and 6 or 7 ski resorts were joined.

    Also mont tremblant is one of the highest ratings for a ski resort in all of canada. I luckily lived 90 mins away so this was always my first choice. It includes hotels, restaurants, spas, snowmobiling, golf(not in winter obviously lol) and so much more. go onto

    Obviously Whistler should be at the top of the list for most people. The environment and ski condidtions are amazing.

    As for the USA, my favorite ski resort was JAY PEAK in vermont which just happens to be part of MSSI as well.

    Unfortunately i cant provide u with a list of europe ski resorts as i have never been to one.
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