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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by She_Rah, Aug 6, 2006.

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  1. Anyone help?

    I have been told as my back is knackered I have to carry 'skeleton CEFO' on an exercise in September. What does skeleton CEFO consist of? Is there such a thing?

    All help appreciated!


  2. With 58 pattern webbing, skeleton order would be CEFO less kidney pouches and poncho roll.

    With PLCE, you start with "skeleton order," so I can't see that there's anything you can remove. Perhaps it's inferring that you'r excused bergen or daysacks? (Though what you're supposed to do for bed-time and meals, with it being an exercise rather than a day's training, I haven't a clue unless you're generally vehicle-based).
  3. Skeleton as I was told (probably incorrectly) was 1 x Mag Pouch, 1 x Water pouch, 1 x Utility pouch.
  4. This is a new development following the thread about British Army vs. the Supernatural. Skeleton CEFO consists of special pouches that hold equipment specifically for dealing with skeletons and any other kind of reanimated corpse.
  5. Which is all your webbing comprises anyway. Unless you go for belt order.
  6. Awesome. You got a NATO stock number? :D
  7. You also get issued a chainsaw and a boomstick.
  8. Thanks, makes things a bit clearer!


  9. this setup I belieave is webbing, all-arms. it is a pain in the arrse because you cant get enough kit in there, you need another two utility pouches on there, unless u'r vehicle mounted & your backs in half of course.
  10. You could, of course, always ask
  11. You've beein playing too much return to castle wolfenstien again haven't you :D