SKB 500 Multi choke

Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by BANDSMAN69, Feb 21, 2009.

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  1. I have just purchased second-hand a SKB 12 gauge 500 multi choke shotgun.

    When I purchased it the chap in the shop did tell me the choke sizes, these are indicated by a series of notches on each choke. However, my recall level isn't very good....old age me thinks. Does any one know which notch stands for each choke.

    Purchased the gun for rough shooting and the occasional clays.
  2. Notches British Marking
    True cylinder Skeet (SK)
    ***** Improved cylinder Cylinder (CL)
    **** 1/4 Improved cylinder (IC)
    *** 1/2 Modified (M)
    ** 3/4 Improved modified (IM)
    * Full Full (F)
  3. Many thanks FiveAlpha very much apperciated
  4. Copied from one of the other shooting sites

    Full = tightest choke
    Improved modified = 3/4
    Modified = 1/2
    Improved Cylinder = 1/4
    Cylinder (AKA Skeet) = smooth

    True cylinder (or skeet) .000in Restriction, and 58 inch Spread at 40 yards
    Improved cylinder .005in Restriction, and 51 inch Spread at 40 yards
    ¼-choke .010in Restriction, and 48 inch Spread at 40 yards
    ½-choke .020in Restriction, and 45 inch Spread at 40 yards
    ¾-choke .030in Restriction, and 42 inch Spread at 40 yards
    Full choke .040in Restriction, and 40 inch Spread at 40 yards

    Percentage of pellets in 30 inch circle at 40 yards
    True cylinder 40%
    Improved cylinder 50%
    1/4 -choke 55%
    1/2 -choke 60%
    3/4 -choke 65%
    Full-choke 70%