Skateboarding cnut tried to ruin parade

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Yeoman_dai, Nov 11, 2012.

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  1. Pains me to say it, but those we are remembering today gave their lives so ******* like this have the freedoms to "express themselves".
  2. Fucktard.:roll: Looks a bit like the "comedy terrorist" who gate-crashed Prince William's birthday party back in 2003.
  3. What an utter attention seeking cock. Unfortunately, ignorance wasn't restricted to this wankstain today as i had to grit my teeth and put up with the twats stood behind me at the cenotaph today who talked and smoked through almost the entire service.
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  4. But that is the big difference - the fallen were selfless whereas the Herschel Krustofski and Occupy Movement types of this world are fundamentally selfish.
  5. Only arrested on suspicion?

    Sergeant Steve Bell, of Avon and Somerset Police, said that the man had been arrested on suspicion of a section five public order offence.

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  6. My view was obscured but apparently a copper clothes-lined him quite nicely as he passed the RMR - there was quite a cheer from the crowd!
  7. He'll feel rough when the Stella wears off!
  8. Any bloke over the age of 20 who uses a skateboard in public should be put on the sex offenders register IMHO. Unless they are pissed up at a family BBQ & it is filmed for years & years of public humiliation by Harry Hill.

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  9. He should have skated as a walt, they would have let him go, what a weirdo
  10. Maybe he should be invited to the Artillery Grounds or Litfield Place
  11. Devil Walt...
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  12. Is it not the 'cnut' Russel Brand..??..mind you he does get to 'esquire'(this is not the NAAFI) some seriously good looking girls
  13. Well that beats the child that rollerbladed down the central aisle of Notre Dame de Paris during the Remembrance Commemoration a few years back .... myself and a fellow arrser along with most of the congregation were ready to slap him but restrained ourselves.
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  14. I would love for a bayonet to have been 'misplaced' into this gentleman's torso, yet;

    Instead, the sacred cause of justice and freedom saw the light of day, once more, as it has here for hundreds of years.