Skateboarding at RMAS?

Discussion in 'Officers' started by Bilboa, Jan 31, 2009.

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  1. Hey guys. Passed my main board with merit and leaving for Sandhurst in May and I'm thinking of taking my skateboard with me. Skating is a hobby of mine and I enjoy doing it at weekends and in the evenings. I'm pretty good and can do various tricks, stunts and rail grinds. Sandhurst seems an ideal place for this with it's long stretches of road, rails, steps and walls, I would really like to perform an ollie in front of my fellow cadets on the Main Yard. So on wednesday Afternoon, which is dedicated to sports and when my duties as a Cadet are over and I'm allowed to throw asside my attires and slap on my beanie hat, baggie jeans, Bilabong t-shirt, earings and eyebrow ring will I also be allowed to get the board out my room and go for a skate round camp? I am thinking that most sports are catered for, what about myself and the other EMO cadets who feel uncomfertable playing rugger buggers?

    Surely the Army caters for sports like this. I was always told that you could do any sport in the Army and actively encourages sports amongst it's ranks. So would skating round Sandhurst be acceptable? I particlarly fancy having a good sk8 round the drill square.
  2. I bet you're no stranger to some 'double poling' too.
  3. WAH, got to be, try harder next time.
  4. I'm assuming this is a Wah.
  5. Sir's I am not a Wah, merely a young lad that has an unusual hobby, at least in Army circles.
  6. Wah. I too love skateboarding, and the way you've just described it, your either a wah, or clueless, in which case I'd be ashamed to call you Sir.
  7. If this isn't a wah, I'll eat my Porn star baseball cap.
  8. They love sk8 boarding at sandhurst theyve build a large square of tarmac right outside old college for you and your mates to hang out on!
  9. I attempted to put some humour into my post, but thing I am serious about is skating.
  10. If you nip over the A.30 (straight out of main gate) you can take advantage of Camberley's fine pedestrian walk ways.

    Chaps of your ilk then tend to er..'hang out' in the train at MacDonalds.
  11. I can understand that most chaps in the Armed forces may be more traditional and misunderstand skating, if you had ever performed a rail grind in from of 10 girls you would soon change your mind.
  12. Not true SSgt W**** was often to be seen daffying on the Half pipe at the Queensmead Centre, Farnborough. He was quite good if I recall correctly.
  13. Really, that is encouraging, how would it be viewed if CO and a SNCO were to disapear on some afternoons for a big of grinding?
  14. I understand that some officers used meet their young men at the Penny Hill Park, a discrete hotel near Bagshot. I'm sure there was grinding going on there.