Skanking tenants and the removal of dog shit.

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by Ravers, Mar 26, 2013.

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  1. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    I'm currently sat in my flat having just taken the keys back from the tenants.

    They've been here 9 months (they fucked off early because they bought a place) and the gaff is trashed.

    In addition to an acceptable amount of general wear and tear (picture hooks left up, the odd scuff mark etc.) the place has not been cleaned at all and is absolutely honking.

    Now normally I'd just overlook this and get a professional team in to clean the place, but they've gone one step beyond here and really fucked me off.

    They got a dog without my permission.

    Originally when I found out about it (tip off from a neighbour) I decided not to evict them, instead taking an additional grand in deposit from them, bringing the total deposit to 4 grand. (6 weeks rent + the extra grand for the dog.)

    It appears they've been leaving the thing alone in the house all day with the back door open. The dog was free to wander between the flat and the garden. The lazy skanks also left the bog seat up in lieu of a water bowl.

    As such everything up to waste height in the flat is covered in muddy paw prints, toilet water and dog shit. Likewise the garden is covered in dog eggs. I counted 36 on the lawn alone, I haven't counted the flower beds yet.

    So my question to you fellow arrsers; what is an acceptable amount to charge for the removal of a large quantity of dog shit?

    The deposit is all held officially by a third party. I intend to charge them for a full professional clean, redecorating where necessary, changing of 9 light bulbs which they couldn't be fucked to do, repair of oven which they've broken all the knobs off, removal of rubbish they've left and of course the professional removal and disinfection of the dog shit.

    Anyone have any experience in this matter? ImageUploadedByARRSE1364316985.165375.jpg

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  2. If there is dog shit in the house, then you could argue that it is a health hazard, which is above and beyond a normal professional clean, and the place will have to be deep cleaned. I dont think its unreasonable to charge 10% of the extra money you charged for the dog - £100, for the cleanup of dog shit alone, in additon to the costs of the cleanup and decorating.

    Then again, its whether you want to view it as just one of those things, or take them to the cleaners (did you see what i did there?).
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  3. Get videoing with a reliable third-party witness plus take into account loss of rental income while making the place rentable again. Take the whole deposit and wish them luck with a public challenge at which you can out them as the creatures that they are.

    I made the mistake of renting a house to a BiL who did much the same - the place was so dog shit and piss-soaked that it smelt much worse than a pig-sty. All of our furniture and carpets were trashed by their neglected dogs and the BiL tried very hard to convince everyone that I was being unreasonable. I still took his money.
  4. Why not ask someone for a quote for the clearing up of dog toffee?
  5. Brotherton Lad

    Brotherton Lad LE Reviewer

    I had pictures taken and took them to court (letting agency included legal insurance). The stables who had taken out the tenancy argued for months and threw the towel in a few days before the court case and coughed up for everything, having been sent a copy of the file.
  6. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    I'm usually quite an easy going bloke, but I really want to punish these honking creatures.

    My only reservation is the fact that they are both lawyers. If it came to a legal challenge, they've probably got the know how and contacts to make life very difficult for me.

    Anyone know what the score is if I turn up on their doorstep with a bin liner full of dog eggs? It's technically their property, they must've just forgotten it by accident. ;)

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  7. Get it deep cleaned, repairs done, garden tidied all by reputable professional firms. However long it takes to bring back to standard work out the rental cost for that period. Then if any of the deposit is left return it to them with the invoices and an explanation of costs.
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  8. Ravers, seek legal advice. Seriously, it's not as straightforwards as it should be. Tenants have rights, and landlords are only allowed to make deductions from deposits for 'financial loss' such as damage above normal wear and tear.

    Taking an extra £1000 deposit because of a dog might not have been the smartest thing to do, in hindsight. A deposit is there to cover rent arrears and damages at end of tenancy, not "having a dog". The smart thing would have been a revision to the agreement to allow a dog on the provision the property is professionally cleaned at end of the lease. Unless they can provide proof (receipt) of such a clean, then you can claim for the cost of having it cleaned as they broke the agreement.

    There are a LOT of organisations out there who will happily advise tenants with sob stories - and the evil bastard tenants who know their rights. Not so many who will happily advise private landlords.
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  9. By my very rough sums you've just had £20k off them, get the marigolds on and the bleach out.
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  10. As T_L says, get professional legal advice and see what they say. And do it soon as possible.

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  11. They've already treated you with contempt once - my guess is that they'll just call the police - which will reinforce the general assumption that you are a slime-ball landlord harrassing them. If they're lawyers go and see a rival firm, (charged against the deposit of course) Lawyers love to shaft other lawyers more than anything else in their bottom-feeding life.
  12. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    I think the wording on the second deposit was something like "to cover damage/additional cleaning caused by the dog."

    I'm guessing this covers it.

    Also they were supposed to get a professional clean, it was part of the tenancy agreement.

    I know I can hammer them for the obvious stuff which is drawn up in the agreement, (obvious damage/failure to clean/change bulbs etc.) it's just the additional things like getting rid of the poo etc.

    Incidentally, anyone want to rent a really tidy garden flat in West Hampstead? It's lovely and very clean, you could eat your scran off the deck in here - no really. :)

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  13. You say they are lawyers? In which case they will be members of a legal body depending on weather these "lawyers" are solictors or barristers. They will probably dread the thought of their legal body knowing about this, and should be keen to avoid it. You can use that to your advantage if they want to get heavy with any legal action. Just have a little search for the bodies in question, one of them could be The Law Society, and see what they have to say about coimplaints about "Lawyers".
  14. Have a look on landlord zone meanwhile in arrse world courier the dog crap back to their chambers no doubt a clerk will sign for it and they'll be a laughing stock.
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