Discussion in 'Reports & Promotion' started by redwhiteandblue, Nov 8, 2008.

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  1. hi folks,

    i keep hearing about doing things and putting it on a sjar

    can someone please explain to me what this is, where i can find it and what is it for? :?

    thanks in advance.
  2. Speak to your boss. He/she will explain the process to you.

  3. he has got no idea either and i don't have an officer as a troop/platoon commander. the RCMO is only looking after himself and the Sqn Ldr has more important things to worry about.

    so i have come on her looking for some assistance please.
  4. My bold. Having been a RCMO I find that very difficult to believe. As for the Crab officer they are normally pretty good at looking after their staff. I suggest you actually approach one/both of them and ask them. You never know, you might even get the answers you were looking for.
  5. I have 2 Sgt's in charge of my troop no officers my unit is on tour at the moment so there are none available at the moment. as for the RCMO looking after himself unfortunately he is the most unapproachable person i have ever met and he actually does just swan about the camp, when he is asked something from anyone i know he sends them to another dept.
    for instance I asked him where i go next after my transfer in he told me to go to the training wing to see what was on offer. cheers i could have just asked the naafi chick. i thought he was supposed to guide me on my career.
  6. If your Sgts don't know either they need their heads knocking together.

    Start kicking doors down, I would!
  7. i get the impression that this is a big deal.
  8. Not really, unless you don't want a career left.
  9. I actually want to be promoted ASAP and then posted so i need to get this nailed. which is extremely hard when i have been career fouled.
  10. Ask through your CoC for a formal career review with the RCMO.

    Unless there are exceptional cicumstances, they can't say no.
  11. Your SJAR (Servicepersons Joint Appraisal Report) is the replacement for your Confidential Report, as posted above your Chain of Command should be all over this!! You should also have been briefed to death - speak to your Tp Sgt if he doesn't know what is going on get him to ask up the chain until you know what isit is all about. Have you had a MPAR (Mid Period Apraisal Report)?

    In the meantime this is from Armynet:

    The soldiers’ current reporting process of the 2047 and 2048 will be replaced by an electronic and simpler format to the Officers OJAR, the JPA based Servicepersons Joint Appraisal Report (SJAR). The SJAR for the first time will standardize the format and content of reports for non-commissioned personnel across the Army and all three services. The first SJARs will be seen this year starting with the WOs. Every soldier is responsible ensuring their SJAR has been initiated by the unit admin office and that they continue to monitor and update their SJAR as necessary throughout the reporting period. Soldiers prior to the initiation of their SJAR should ensure they have completed the following checks:

    • Personal details have been updated
    • Posting Preference Performa is complete including career aspirations
    • Competencies up to date
    • Personal objectives have been recorded
    • Discuss and agree their Job Description and ensure it is linked to their SJAR

    Mid Period Appraisal Report (MPAR)

    A soldier MPAR is a mandatory requirement, typically between the 4-8 months of a normal annual cycle.


    WO1/WO2 Reporting Period 1 Jul 07 – 30 Jun 08 SJAR as at 30 Jun 08 SJAR in by 31 Aug 08
    SSgt Reporting Period 1 Oct 07 – 30 Sep 08 SJAR as at 30 Sep 08 SJAR in by 30 Nov 08
    Sgt Reporting Period 1 Dec 07 – 30 Nov 08 SJAR as at 30 Nov 08 SJAR in by 31 Jan 09
    Cpl Reporting Period 1 Feb 08 – 31 Jan 09 SJAR as at 31 Jan 09 SJAR in by 31 Mar 09
    LCpl Reporting Period 1 Apr 08 – 31 Mar 09 SJAR as at 31 Mar 09 SJAR in by 31 May 09
    Pte Reporting Period 1 Jun 08 – 31 May 09 SJAR as at 31 May 09 SJAR in by 31 Jul 09

    Main changes:

    O-E grading will be replaced with a common grading system, with ‘B’ performing to standard expected in respects, being the default.

    The SJAR will focus on 2 key areas, potential and performance.

    Hope the above is of some use - feel free to drop me a PM if you need any further info.

  12. Cheers paywog, wasn't sure if it was a WAH, so didn't want to commit :oops:
  13. This is no Wah our unit has genuinely not Had this filtered down!

    I am beginning to wonder WTF i have transfered into the admin in the Unit is by far the worst i have ever experienced. If i get recomended for promotion i am off the the MPS i cant take much more of this.
  14. These reports are funny old things, mine was written barely in time for the period for the Crafty board and was then misplaced in the HQ, I think it's only just been submitted in the past couple of weeks. Marvelous.
  15. Me neither.